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Spill a cup of coffee over that annoying Web site

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 26, 2006.

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    Will Cheyney

    Hehe, quite amusing.
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    It is quite fun.

    First stop (too predictable?) : Microsoft.com :D
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    Fun. The first site I went to was TV.com. Ironically something that CNET ruined for me when they bought out TVTome and destroyed it.

    Yeah, I'm still not over that.
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    First stop was the white house for me
  6. 24C
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    Great fun, LOL. I tried the cow dung and it gotta schoolboy chuckle outta me. If only you could make it stick, kinda like web graffiti. :cool:
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    Pee on Apple's stupid pages that are wider than 800px.
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    i like this :)

    now time to go destroy a few sites :rolleyes:
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    You're using 800x600 for your display resolution?! :confused: :eek:
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    No. I'm not using a PC, so I feel I shouldn't have to maximize my window just to surf the web. Standard webpage size is supposed to be 800px.
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    Maximizing your window would solve your problem. Also, the standard webpage size used to be 640px, but it's not anymore.

    For programs such as Safari, Mail, iCal, iTunes and others, I always maximize my windows. What's the point of having a big screen if you don't use the resolution? :confused:
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    Who says he's not using the resolution? A lot of people like to keep multiple windows visible on their desktops. If you only need 800 for Safari, you can have real estate left over for other things.
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    Exactly! I also hate wide web pages. There is more to my computer than Safari.
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    Totally agree!! That's why my first stop was
    That moron thinks he must force his page on my entire screen using some script. And because there's not much content and I have a big display, I'm staring at huge margins covering up everything else I had open. Idiot!

    I rarely ever maximize any window. Really silly with a big display. It's much more convenient to have your IM, browser, Word and Excel all side by side.
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    Well, I've never had a screen big enough to have multiple windows opened at once. Even my new LCD (first ever LCD, may I add) is only a 17", 1280x1024 (which feels huge to me and was the most I was prepared to pay for a display).

    Now that I (better) understand your opinions on windowing, I still think a 900px wide website isn't a problem. I do agree that scripts that mess with the window size are annoying, though. And links that open new windows. Anything that messes with my settings and my way of doing things, really.

    It's hard for me to visualize the waste of space on a maximized Safari window for displaying a website on a 30" widescreen display... Must be aweful! :eek:
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    There was summat else that allowed you to attack websites with dinosaurs or nukes. Can't remember the link...
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    This reminds me of that program that allowed you to destroy your Windows desktop. Chain-saws and termites and flame-throwers. Trust me, this program was useful at 2 am when your trying to print term papers.
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    Most likely the same site. If you had actually gone to the link, you'd have seen that you can choose many forms of attack - cow dung, puke, nukes, dinos and many more.
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    I liked Triumph's "poop on it" site better ...


    It used to be there ... but apparently the site is down at the moment.

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