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Spoiler-free link for September 9 event?

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by applemax, Sep 7, 2008.

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    Anyone knows if a spoiler free link will be provided on Tuesday? Thanks :)
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    Teh Don Ditty

    Macrumors will not be doing live coverage of the 9/9 event.
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    I would check out Engadget or Gizmodo.
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    Apple Ink

    Ars and Engadget have the invitations so head there!
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    Sorry, but that's not what I asked. I want to AVOID the coverage sites as I want a spoiler-free link for the video posted shortly afterwards.

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    I would like this as well
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    Yes, i was also looking for that spoiler-free link service...
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    Come on MacRumours! Where's the spoiler free page! The event is tomorrow!! :eek:

    Thanks :)
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    Apple Ink

    It's a media event so instant live video coverage is impossible.
    MR doesn't have invitations so arm obviously won't be able to put up a 'spoiler free' page out.

    Your only bets are the sites mentioned above!
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    Uh, hello? What are you talking about? I do not want coverage of the event. I want a spoiler free link to the video feed that'll be posted a few hours after the event, on a spoiler free page so I don't know what was announced - OK? I DO NOT want live coverage. :eek:

    For instance, this us the MWSF 2008 spoiler free page - http://www.macrumors.com/2008/01/10/mwsf-2008-spoiler-free-keynote-stream/
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    wow, seemed to question was simple enough, obviously some people are having trouble with such advanced terminology.

    Anyway, I would like this too. Maybe someone would just volunteer to post here with the link once it's available?
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    I know! It's unbelievable. We're always moaned at for not using search - how about using a dictionary? Jeez.

    Anyway, yes, I doubt an official page will be posted at this short notice, so I guess a volunteer to post here would be the best idea, although there is a risk of spoiling.
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    ya, if someone spoils I'll be pissed, although I guess you could just go to: http://www.apple.com/quicktime/guide/appleevents/ Just don't read the fine print of the video when its posted.
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    Yeah. Maybe we can get Automator to do something for us? Can an Automator legend write a script to find us a link? :confused::)
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    Why don't you just turn your computer off until Wednesday?
  16. arn
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    Staff Member

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    Err, because we'll go to Apple.com and see all the announcements. We want to watch the recorded video when it hits apple.com 'as if it were live' without spoilers

    EDIT - thanks arn!
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    Thanks Arn :eek:
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    does anyone have any idea on how you can get the mp4 link of the keynote after it is posted?
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    traditionally, an mp4 file is available within a week of the stream, usually like 2 days.
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    ok thanks, but I was wondering how you get the actual link. Where do you go to get it?
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    I know. It's called winding up. ;)

    Turns out these spoiler free links happen all the time, just be patient and they'll turn up.

    Apple will post it, and it'll be posted in the thread Arn linked to. They usually make it quite hard to download without some messing around, but sometimes they post them on iTunes. Or get it from your choice of less than savoury torrent site ;)
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    Apple Ink

    Ahh.... sorry... my bad! I thought you were interested in an instant media update on what's going on in the event. And thats why I suggested engadget and Ars since they'll be present there and be able to somehow send out some scripts detailing the new launches!

    At any cost... I've registered myself with the MR emails and I suggest you also keep checking Apple's site since they'll be posting the small 'watch the iPod unveiling video' link on the front page!
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    yes, but that link would also appear with a big huge banner showing what was released. We don't want to read or view websites about any of this. We want to watch the keynote once it is edited and posted at apple.com

    We want to watch steve present it as if we were there all along.
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