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Spore, install on OS X or Windows?

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by muldul, Aug 28, 2008.

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    I have pre-ordered spore (5th of September!) and it comes with the potion of being installed on either OS X or Windows on the same disc. I am running boot camp (XP) for my game that are PC only (though i don't have any games on the mac side yet). I was going to install it on the OS X side, but i have heard that games run better under windows (something to do with porting it over). What should i do, install it on OS X or on XP?
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    Spore will run much better on Windows if that's what you are asking and you have a Macbook so you need all the firepower you can get.

    Also, if your Macbook has a GMA 950 then Windows is your ONLY option.
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    My macbook is X3100
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    So far the creature creator runs find on the x3100 MB's. We have it installed and it runs just fine, HOWEVER, the actual game game might be an issue. Guess we'll see when it's released.
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    Windows will work a lot better than on Mac OS X

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