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Spore on Macbook Pro - how have your results been?

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by spaceballl, Jun 17, 2008.

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    I'm installing it now on my Penryn 2.4ghz w/ 256mb vRAM and 4GB RAM. I'll let you know!
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    spore's specs allow it to run on a macbook and the demo has run fine on mine u should have absoultley no problems
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    I downloaded it - i'll give it a whiz after work. I also have a brand new PS3 that needs some unwrapping so I may not get to spore until this weekend :D
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    Runs great on the machine in my siggy.
    There's a little bit of texture lag, but other than that it runs perfectly.
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    terrible performance on MBP

    I have a 2.33 GHz 15" MBP with 3GB Ram and spore runs TERRIBLE. It was okay in the tidepool stage, but now that I'm on land it seems like it's less than 5 fps. I have a 2.6ghz / 4GB that I'm going to try it on... hopefully that will be be better.
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    So I think it's important to distinguish that the first 3 posts were in relation to Spore Creature Creator. I'm curious to hear some more reports about how the full game runs before I head out to buy it.
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    While I'm playing on a Mac Pro, my experience going from the Creature Creator to the full game have been pretty similar. I imagine yours would be as well.
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    So I installed it on my newer 2.6 GHz macbook pro and it runs MUCH better than on my 2.33 GHz. I really am not sure why this is. Both are core 2 duo machines with high end mobile graphics cards. There isn't anything running on the 2.33 GHz that is sucking CPU, and both machines have plenty of RAM free. The only thing I can think of is that it doesn't like the ATI video card in the 2.33. I do have boot camp installed on the 2.33 so I am going to try running the windows version on my boot camp drive and see if there is a performance difference there. How much would that suck to have the same game on the same machine run better on Windows than on Leopard.
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    Set the quality on Lighting and Shadows to Low. After I did this, the game ran very smooth on my MBP.
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    Have 17" High Res 2.6 SR. Runs pretty well at a high res and high quality. Only really notice lag during planetary based space battles, where there is a lot going on. Crashes far too much for my liking though.

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