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Sprint iPhone 5 Unlocked!!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by iThink Apple, Dec 21, 2012.

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    iThink Apple

    So I just called Sprint and they have unlocked my iPhone 5. I did a restore but I did not see anything in iTunes saying that my phone was unlocked. I called them and they said it was. How can I check?
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    Put in an AT&T or tmobile sim card.
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    iThink Apple

    I don't have one....
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    The unlock for the sprint i5 is only for international gsm use.
    It won't work with any other US carriers.
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    I'm surprised people still don't realize that the Sprint unlock is only for international use.
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    Probably because most people would never sign up on Sprint's lousy network.
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    There's plenty of people who do.
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    iThink Apple

    I know that its just unlocked for GSM International and thats all I need. So i'm perfectly happy! On a side note...Sprint + LTE = AMAZING!

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