Sprint's Share of iPhone Sales at Big Box Retailers Double That Seen at Apple Retail Stores

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    AllThingsD reports on an interesting survey from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) studying the balance of iPhone sales among the three major U.S. carriers at various points of sale such as Apple's retail stores, Best Buy, and warehouse clubs and mass market retailers.

    The survey shows that AT&T remains the clear market leader for the iPhone in the United States, registering at 62% in aggregate and followed by Verizon at 26% and Sprint at just 12%. But the most interesting data pertains to the Sprint iPhone specifically, which represents just 9% of Apple retail store iPhone sales compared to 18-19% at other retailers.


    The report suggests that legacy availability is the prime reason for the difference in popularity at the different sales outlets, with customers likely to return to their previous points of purchase when it comes time to buy new phones and remain loyal to their carriers. With Sprint being the newest entrant of the three when it comes to the iPhone, its customers tend to return to Best Buy and other long-time Sprint retailers to purchase an iPhone rather going to an Apple retail store.
    Beyond the three major carriers, Apple has also been expanding its reach by bringing the iPhone to a number of smaller regional and super-regional carriers, and most recently began an expansion into the U.S. prepaid market with Cricket last week and Virgin Mobile USA later this week.

    Article Link: Sprint's Share of iPhone Sales at Big Box Retailers Double That Seen at Apple Retail Stores
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    Ok- but I can still buy a Sprint iPhone anywhere this October, right? Because I'm switching carriers to someone that doesn't change contract terms and has unlimited data...
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    not surprising

    there are more big box retailers in rural areas than apple stores
  4. MattMJB0188, Jun 26, 2012
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    Just proves nobody wants to be on Sprint's garbage network. Laughing at anyone who is on Sprint because they offer "unlimited data"
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    So much hype and fanfare when Verizon got the iPhone. I remember those threads, "AT&Ts death".

    Yet surprisingly AT&T is doing just fine and beating two carriers. Seems to show that the vocal ones were just a minority. If AT&T would be problem ridden as we were led to believe, there would be mass exodus. Something that has yet to be seen.
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    AT&T isn't beating Verizon. Verizon is the largest American carrier. There's no prize for winning the iPhone sales battle.
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    I fail to see where largest carrier = winning.

    Buyin out others isn't winning. Verizon isn't winning as they still can't break 30% even after a year of having an iPhone.

    True there is no prize, but, it just shows the vocal minority were wrong. Not everyone wanted to get off AT&T.
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    Anyone here actually happy with Sprint? I signed up with them when the 4S launched and have been getting terrible service ever since. Average speeds are around 0.15Mbps down/0.10Mpbs up. Filed complaints against Sprint with BBB and FCC which managed to get me a whopping $150 credit on my bill.:rolleyes:

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    I love Sprint, been a customer since Sprint acquired MCI WorldCom. In a family of 5, we pay less than $40/person/month for unlimited data, unlimited text, unlimited mobile to mobile (to all carriers) and more shared minutes than god would need.

    For all those people who cry "Verizon is better": Where Sprint is lacking, I can roam all day long on Verizon (including data) for free, and still pay less.

    I obviously don't speak for everyone, but we always buy our phones on Sprint's own website. They ship overnight for free, and often the best promotions on prices are on there (this doesn't really apply to the iPhone as it's rarely discounted anywhere).

    Also Best Buy, Apple Stores, and retail Sprint Stores always charge an "activation fee" which we have waived if we buy online (though this was something we had to ask for).

    It's too bad they got rid of Sprint Premier and all those perks, but it's still the best carrier around here (Boston) imo.
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    take the chill pill buddy... judging people as "stupid" on the basis of their carrier's reliability is... not very clever, is it ?
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    In Boston, on 3G I get 1-4 Mbps down / .5-1.25 Mbps up. It's not as fast as ATT's "4G" (actually 3.5G HSDPA) but fast enough to load websites, pictures, and facebook.
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    The real issue is SPEED AND FEATURES! Sprint is the slowest iPhone right now, BY FAR. AT&T crushes it and Verizon does too even though it is slower than AT&T! That is why there is no one switching to Sprint.

    As for Verizon, yeah they have a better network (3G) but it is significantly SLOWER than AT&T! And you can't do internet stuff while talking at the same time, no thanks.

    That is why you see AT&T as number 1.

    BUT IT IS ALL ABOUT TO CHANGE. When the new iPhone with LTE comes in to play and Verizon has a much, much larger LTE network that is super fast and doesn't have the talking/internet at the same time issue anymore then you will see a much more even playing field with AT&T which is way behind on their own LTE rollout.
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    "Poor people" shop at big box stores and more of them use Sprint?

    There are more big box stores in rural areas but Sprint (and AT&T) rural reception stinks compared to Verizon.
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    Mattie Num Nums

    Just upgraded my EVO4G to a 4S.

    I am happy with Sprint.
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    Digital Skunk

    Here we go again with more: "My choice brand is better than your brand because of XYZ and so forth and so on."

    Does every thread on Macrumors have to be turned into a brand battle?

    I have Sprint, only because it's the cheapest. Talking and surfing at the same time is moot for me, and if I needed super fast internet speeds I'd stick with Android, or just use my EVO as a hotspot and connect my iPad. Or I'd just go back to my Macs at home or the 108 MacPro and HP Z series workstations at my job.

    There, see, I just gave a scenario where I used like four different brands. What kind of fanboy am I?
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    Glassed Silver

    They are! and

    where to?

    Glassed Silver:mac
  17. pmz
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    LOL. ok

    As is always the case. People are not stupid. AT&T iPhone's data speed is often 3x as fast as Verizon, and 10x as fast as Sprint.

    What do you want for your $data plan per month? Common sense prevails.
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    This seems only logical. People that buy from Big Box stores generally purchase based on price. People that purchase from Apple stores generally purchase based on service and support. Therefore, Big Box customers would be purchasing the cheapest product while Apple customers would tend to be willing to pay a bit more for a supplier that's been in service longer.
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    You are in Germany and someone AT&T reaches over there... Please tell me how Verizon-US has better coverage in Germany.
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    On what planet is AT&T "beating" Verizon? Verizon covers more area. When the iPhone with LTE comes out, all of the AT&T speed arguments will be moot point, won't they?
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    Not that it's important, but I have a theory on why AT&T's sales may be significantly higher than Verizon's.

    First of all, AT&T had the iPhone from Day 1. This means that a. Its customers probably bought iPhones as their first smartphone and b. that some people switched from other carriers to buy the iPhone specifically. This means that AT&T has a larger "iPhone consumer base" than Verizon to begin with. On the other hand, Verizon introduced Android first and made it "cool". Its customer base likely adopted Android handsets first, which (in my opinion) makes them more likely to continue to buy Android handsets. Remember, Verizon has its own brand associated with high end Android handsets. Not to mention, Android handsets are the only phones that currently support Verizon's (far superior in terms of size) LTE network.

    With 2 year contracts likely spread out among different lines on the numerous family plans, it makes it difficult to just up and switch from carrier to carrier, so the idea that there would be a mass exodus was kind of misguided in the first place.

    In my opinion, AT&T customers are just more likely to buy iPhones than other types of phones such as Android.

    The other thing that may play a part (though less significant) is that Verizon's iPhone base is likely still locked in contracts. For example, I pre-ordered my Verizon iPhone 4 and my upgrade is not until October. AT&T's customers have had multiple generations of iPhone upgrades that makes their upgrade dates far more spread out.
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    It shouldn't matter which carrier is better. As long has the carrier you picked is working for you, thats what counts. :)
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    Speaking of carrier salesmanship, I've often read that part of it is that the Verizon salesforce are much more likely to push Android (or as they'd put it, Droid) over iPhone whereas AT&T sales people are usually the opposite, is that true?

    On the other hand poor Windows Phone devices usually get strong dis-recommendation from sales clerks it seems.
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    I bought the iPhone 4 on launch day for AT&T and I'm waiting for the next gen iPhone with 4G before making the switch to Verizon.

    I bet there a lot of customers in my situation.
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    Inserting the work "like" in the middle of your sentence clearly identifies your age and social status.

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