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Spying on your spouse goes hi-tech, do it yourself

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Mr. Anderson, Aug 1, 2003.

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    Mr. Anderson

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    I saw this article yesterday...really interesting.

    Technology is taking over...it's a bit scary when u think about it.
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    i once installed a keystroke-logging program on my computer, to catch my boyfriend's password when he was over...

    i felt guilty until i checked his email... he was sleeping with so many people, i was in real danger. i'm surprised i didn't catch anything...

    privacy concerns aside, i cannot stand cheaters... especially when it puts people's health at risk (unknowingly)...

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    I completely trust my wife so would never have a need of this technology. To cheat would completely go against our moral beliefs. Today if you cheat you run the risk fo STD's! :(
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    a mac app? what was it?
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    Hmm, i honestly don't remember, this was 3 years ago and I had been using the program for other things (long story) for a couple of years... Making this like 4-5 year old shareware.

    But if you search versiontracker for "keystroke", you'll get about a dozen different programs...

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    Interesting technology, though I find the intended use deeply depressing.
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    go here for the info.

    They have a section, I used a keylogger for a just purpose...

    Complicated and long, I'll give short version, a person took the passwords from a online baseball fantasy league and screwed around with the accounts and I had to change it back or everyone would lose to his super team...

    I did and I installed.

    BTW, about the article, it is snooping, but if you feel that dis-trust worthy... :(

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