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SpyMac Wheel ... anyone?

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by EMKoper, Sep 26, 2004.

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    I have read rather negative posts regarding SpyMac, such as and this, but the comments seem to be about the free service or the age/attitude of the members there. Is there anyone out there that has, uses, and has any direct feedback about the Spymac Wheel service? Specifically, I was wondering on the reliability of the e-mail service and any issues with posting a website?

    Thanks! Please no "the wheel people are 14 and are jerks" comments... I don't really care about the members, I just want a nice place to host a small family website and a useful e-mail service for the next year while I am moving.

    Also, if there is anyone hosting a site using Wheel, please e-mail me so I can check out the speed of the servers periodically (or post in the open if you'd like).
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    As I said in the first thread you linked to. I have heard nothing but bad things about their email service. Constantly down, intermittent access, slow...hardly a service you'd want to rely on.

    edit: btw, if you haven't already, get gmail for your email. See here to get an invite :)
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    Or rely on for that matter! ;)

    I used spyMac's free web hosting when they started the 100MB web space thing. It was down all the time, and from what I could glean from the boards, it seemed that paying customers were getting the shaft too.
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    I agree with the other two. Don't rely on SpyMac.
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    I haven't heard good things about Spymac Wheel either. Here's a service from MacOSX, which seems like a good deal and would suit your needs but I'm afraid I can't offer a review. Check it out and see: MacOSX.com.
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    I am not recommending wheel and that is because of it is generally slow plu s all the spymac services sometimes go down. I will no longer renew my wheel membership. I still maintain my .mac and that is what I always will have.
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    I say stick with dotmac it is apple running so if anything happens complain to apple and they should make it right.
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    The reason I suggested macosx was becuase it fitted his needs and it's $10 vs .mac's $100. Obviously if you don't mind stumping up the money .mac is a pretty hassle free way to go.

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