Spyware on Mac?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Abstract, Oct 20, 2003.

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    Do Macs get spyware? On a Windows comp, you can get spyware just by going to the wrong sites (have you ever tried www.thesun.co.uk??), as well as from using things like Kazaa (not Kazaalite).

    However, you can get Ad-Aware 6 for Windows absolutely free. I've never thought about it, but is there free software that checks Macs for spyware? Can the same spyware that infects Windows computers also infect Macs? I wouldn't think so, but I just want to double check.
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    To my knowledge there are no spyware programs for Mac.
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    I am looking for the same. Just did a search at download.com, but didn't find much...

    Could it be, is there no spyware active on the mac?!?!?! Is Bill M$ "Gate(s)master to Hell" not interested in Macs?!?!
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    there are. i dont know if for x or classic, but there are.

    last year in italy someone was sued for spying a journalist. he had a mac.
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    Bill gates doesnt make spyware... Please click the link in my sig :-D

    In other news... It will be great using a computer with no spyware.. I have to run adaware daily to get rid of all the **** you pick up surfing the web on windows :-/
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    but isn't Photoshop 7 and Office X kind of spyware-ish? they both secretly sign on to the internet to check for registration info when you're using them. :)
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    I've yet to find any trace of it... yet there is a program for Deleting Mac Spyware and Loggers (weird aint that? :p )

    Its here:

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    Aw, cheers. :)

    I was afraid that I would get spyware by using Acquisition. Or actually, I'm using Acqlite, which is like a free version of Acquisition, which I believe you have to pay for. Of course, I wouldn't know, since I didn't pay. :D

    I got acqlite at versiontracker.com, in case you wanted to know.

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