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Squares2 Contest - Win $250 (Free download until Friday)

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by squares2, Feb 11, 2009.

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    Just a quick note to let you know that eyeWyre Corporation is sponsoring a contest (Square Off 250) for the iPhone/iPod Touch game called Squares2. The first one to get a world high score of 250, wins $250 bucks. Also, if you act quick, you can get the game for free. On Friday, the day the contest begins, the price will go back to its 99 cent price.

    Check out the details here: http://eyewyre.com
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    Smeg. My game Squares (an entirely different game) was released on the App Store last August, and I have a second version coming out in a few days, called Squares2. Bang goes that title.

    Good luck with the contest.
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    Sorry for the confusion. Squares2 for the iPhone is a remake of an old web based game from 2004 that was pretty popular. No intent here to capitalize on your name.
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    GAHH!! This game is so frustrating! But I can't put it down, haha.
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    250? Great promotion, but I can't imagine anyone reaching that.

    My best is 138, and that lasted 135 seconds which is 67th place (really tied for 61st as several have 138)

    However, it's the 4th best score in terms of lasting the longest...

    Fun, but tough game. I like the global score chart!
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    MacToddB, if you look at the current high score, its now 215! I'm like you, I can't imagine myself getting that high of score. But people are amazing me. Also, keep in mind, if no one meets or exceeds the 250 goal, the player with the highest qualifying score after the contest ends on March 31, will be the winner. So keep trying.
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    Good to know! I think 215 is amazing, too!

    BTW, I have a trick... sorta. I use a pogo stylus from TenOneDesign.com. My chubby finger blocks too much of the screen, so I can't see as much as 25% of the screen depending on where my hand is. So with the stylus, I can see more of the screen and more of the bad squares coming!!!

    I'm writing my trip report from the Consumer Electronics Show, for iPhone Life Magazine, and I'll mention the stylus along with your app! Should show up in the March issue on newsstands, as well as online (www.SmartphoneMag.com/iPhone/Todd.Bernhard)
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    Is it still free? Or has the priced changed already or is it end of day friday?

    Just curious at work and can't get it till i get home.
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    Considering today is Thursday, yes it's still free.
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    Yeah sorry for some strange reason I thought today was Friday duh.... lol


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