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Squashed Screen on iMac G3 DV

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by lofiunico, Oct 16, 2004.

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    I have an iMac G3 i just bought in the marketplace forum. I recieved the package about a week ago, i booted it, everything was working perfectly. Last weekend, i decided to add a 128MB Stick of RAM to replace a slot filled with a 64MB stick as well as replace the 10GB Standard HD with a 60GB 7200RPM HD that would be much quieter. I did so but i do admit i had a little trouble opening up the computer. I booted from my Mac OS X Panther install CD after i closed up the case only to discover the screen was squished in the middle with large black spaces on the sides of the viewable area and the sides sort of sucked inward. I finished the install and rebooted, same problem. I DO have the firmware updated to 4.19, so this is not the problem. My sister hit it the other day and it went back to normal for about 30 minutes but then went back to a squishy version. I posted this question on Apple Discussions and have gotten some help but not enough to know without a doubt what the problem is. The most probable cause is a loose solder joint or internal CRT cable inside the monitor, from what i can tell. Has anyone else had this problem and can affirm this is probably it or anything of the sort. I plan to crack it open in a bit, but am a bit apprehensive about dealing with the CRT part of the system. Does anyone know more in-depthly how to deal with this?
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    no one can help me?
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    maybe you should post a pic of the problem...

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