Squirrels... I Need Some Advice

Discussion in 'Community' started by SamIchi, Aug 17, 2005.

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    OK, here's the deal, in my backyard there are 3 asian pear trees and squirrels always get at them. They climb up and nibble, knock them (the pears) down, and so forth. I don't really care, but my parents do. They told me to look online, to find a way to prevent this. So my first thought wold be to ask you guys. So what you think?

    For the longerst time, they've tried to figure out how to keep squirrels away from the tree. So any advice would be good, thanks!
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    Good in a stew...
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    Sun Baked

    That's a much better idea than leaving a bunch of smoking squirrel corpses scattered around the yard.

    Otherwise that may leave you with using a plastic owl to chase them away.
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    Yup, that sounds like a plan:cool: And I doubt putting up a sign "No Squirrels in Trees" would work. There are things designed to keep them away from bird feed(ers), but somehow they feel right at home in a tree.
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    1. Take a shot gun to them
    2. Get a dog
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    Blue screen of death flyers pasted all around.
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    barbed or razor wire wrapped for two feet on the trunk of each tree will teach those pesky little bastards off the trees. :rolleyes:
    well if they are dead they wont cause trouble now will they??? :D
    or if you preffer the humane way
    two foot lenght of tree sap painted on and around the tree trunks will prevent them from climbing up to the pears

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    clusters cereal

    Have you ever gone for a walk in your neighborhood and noticed wide metal bands encircling a portion of the tree a about 4 feet off the ground. They are usually constructed of sheet metal . The critters cant climb up them, there claws have nothing to hold onto. Its the same Idea behind complete metal design of restaurant kitchens. Atleast it helps at my restaurant were there are mice.

    Get some sheet metal of good width in the vertical direction and wrap them around the tree, leaving as tight a seam as possible. It wont be very aesthetic but it should solve the problem. make sure its wide enought so they cant jump past it and located in a place so that they cant jump to a nearby branch. Keep in mind they can go from tree to tree so any close tree will also have to be treated in similar fashion.

    Hope ot helps
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    we always just put out some bait (birdseed, dried corn etc...) and then opened fire with a highpowered pelet gun. You have to do that every year or so.
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    Some friends of mine have had some problems with squirrels. They bought these little tiny cloth bags of cat dander and other scents that are supposedly unpleasant for squirrels, and hung them up in their trees. I'm not sure how effective it was (short- or long-term), but there is such a product out there. I wish I could speak to its effectiveness, but I've never tried the product, and my friends live out-of-state. From what I remember, I think they considered it to be moderately effective, at least in the short term... I seem to remember they wanted to buy more of the bags. To be honest, I have my doubts that it would be effective in the long-term, since scent-based solutions to animal problems often lose their effectiveness with time and age. Also, I'm a bit confused about the product because sometimes cats and squirrels will climb up the same tree, but perhaps some of the other scents in it are more discouraging. So I figured I'd mention that it exists, in case it helps.

    My mom has also tried Pet-Away spray and crystals to deter a cat from using a particular spot in her yard as a litterbox. She found that the spray faded pretty quickly (about 3 days), but that the crystals worked somewhat better. I advised her to pile up rocks in the "litterbox" spot to make it a less pleasant spot for the cat to use, and that seems to have worked. (I realize the rocks won't work for your squirrels, but I figured it was worth mentioning that if you wanted to try this Pet-Away, you might have to reapply it.) They haven't had problems with squirrels yet at their house, but I guess if they do, now I know where to find some advice! The nice thing about living in an apartment is that I don't have to worry about these things myself.
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    The squirrels aroud here just boogie along the telephone wires and drop into the nearby trees - have to consider all avenues of access.
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    Hmm, Thanks for the suggestion (and others who suggested similarly), but
    two of the trees are really big and are next to electrical wires, poles, other big trees (not in out yard)... so yea we can't really use a barrier. :(
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    I hear they are good eith BBQ sauce and some home brew :cool:
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    Hah, I didn't even read your post, but yea, my point exactly.
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    Btw, the metal sheet wrapped around the tree doesn't work well. As someone else posted they can jump from another tree, but if not, i have seen squirrels jump up and over the area protected by the metal sheet.

    I have always used moth balls (yes, moth balls), and it seems to keep them away. A pellet rifle or the like works well also.

    my 2¢
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    We got moth balls hanging around... They don't seem to be working. They are just hanging at the base of the tree though, and these trees are pretty big. My dad always says that he's gunna get a pellet gun, but I don't think he's gunna do it. It'd be hard shootin' them down. There's alot things we wouldn't want to hit.
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    I think you misunderstood what the moth balls are for...
    You don't hang them in the tree,
    you load it into a pellet gun, and, um, you know...

    Oh come on! I'm kidding!!!!
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    I say leave them be. Their ancestors were here before yours so, in my opinion, they have more of a right to them than you.

    Squirrels get their food from trees and such.
    Your family can get food at any grocery store.

    If it bothers your folks so much, then they should increase their yield. IE plant more trees.

    Every commercial grower knows that deer and skunks love the taste of young pot plants. But they also know that those animals have more right to it than themselves, and plant more to compinsate.

    Or, you could go the good christian/republican route and just burn the whole tree so no one gets any fruit.

    But what the hell do I know, I'm just a tree hugging hippie.
    Quick everybody flog the bleeding heart liberal.
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    Well you just scatter them around the bottom of the tree. Many animals/insects dont like the smell of the moth balls.
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    Squirles LOVE black oil sunflower seeds, go to your local pet store and get the biggest bag you can find and put a big pile everyday for them to eat.
    Also whatever you can find, like peanuts or something thats high in fat, thats bulk and cheap. Squirles would rather have fatty nuts and seeds then Pears.

    Feeding the naught but loveable buggers is usually the only way to live with them
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    Now there's the "win-win" conflict resolution post of the thread. I'd like to know the results of that experiment, if you decide to try it.
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    I say leave them be. Squirrels are cute. We have one in our garden most mornings and it's lovely to watch his twitchy little tail and furry little face :)
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    a .22 rifle would do the trick. lots of farmers have problems with sqirrels, groundhogs, etc.
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    Cut down the trees.
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    I vote for a pellet gun and a cat who likes to hunt. The cat might even be more effective. Rare is the week that I don't open the front door to find all or part of a squirrel corpse that my cat left for me as a gift.

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