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SSD and SATA connector of MBA rev C

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Lounge Deluxe, Aug 3, 2009.

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    I'm having a hard time trying to pin down what type of SATA connector the MBA rev C is using for its storage.

    I found this DVnation page that lists 3 possible rev. C MBA ssd upgrades, but it is only mentioned that the connector type is Micro-SATA. Does this mean that the Intel X18 is as of rev C also suitable for the MBA (or any other regular 1.8" SATA ssd or hdd for that matter)?
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    It's SATA-LIF. Might be consider compatible with micro-SATA if you don't mind soldering. There's a thread about this somewhere on this forum.
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    Yes, you would have to do some soldering to use those drives. The speeds look impressive, but I've never soldered before, so I wouldn't trust myself with a $500 drive.
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    Yea stupid LIF connectors. Imagine the Intel X-18M Gen 2 in the Air.

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    SATA-II drive controller.

    SATA-LIF connector.

    1.8" drive with 5mm clearance.

    No known LIF drive connected aftermarket drives available.

    The only potential for modification is with same size drive yet soldering the LIF cable within MBA to a SATA-II connector cable for the SSD.

    There is a thread on soldering and cross-pin connections here in the MBA section at MacRumors.

    Basically, buy SSD from Apple or plan for nothing but trouble.
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    Thanks guys for killing my hopes on a proper performing ssd for the MBA :)
    Unfortunately I don't trust my own soldering capabilities enough to modify the SATA cable and end up with something trustworthy.

    But why would DVnation present the G-Monster V2 and 3 and this unknown Samsung model as "fits the new model Macbook Air"? Do they mean these models physically fit the MBA's required 5mm but you need to modify a SATA cable yourself?
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    Probably a little bit of ignorance on their part. Technically the drives do fit in there as they are 1.8", 5mm high drives. Unfortunately the connector is all wrong.

    I wonder if there is any clearance on the connector side (even like .5mm). If so, someone could make a (very slim) boot that goes on to the micro-SATA connector and provides a LIF interface.
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    Maybe there's a new one with LIF now??? Send me a link, and I'll take a look.
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    I already provided that link in my first post but here it is again.
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    I am at least 99% certain it will NOT work. However, you could call and ask?

    All the other compatible laptops use SATA interface connector and SATA-II drive controller. The MBA uses LIF interface connector and SATA-II drive controller.

    If you call them, specify this and ask if they have multiple versions one of which uses the LIF interface connector.

    Let us know.


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