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SSD is NOT Soldered on!

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by KPOM, Jul 21, 2011.

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    Does this mean it can be manually upgraded... to 512gb? :p
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    Thanks for the link.
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    Ahh one of the main reasons I didn't go with the AIR was because of that news saying it wasn't upgradeable. Oh well got my MBP 15" i7 that will run circles around the AIR anyways with my new SSD coming.
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    The 2010 release of MBAs also had SSDs that were not soldered on. Only the RAM was soldered to the logic board (and thus cannot be upgraded). However, the issue with upgrading the SSD (at least in the 11") was the thickness. From what I remember reading, the 11" couldn't handle the thickness of the 256GB SSD, so it wouldn't fit. Have they fixed this issue in this refresh?

    Also, there was some company that was making SSDs specifically for the Air. I don't remember the name, if anyone could refresh my memory...
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    Cheffy Dave

    Ah, this is wonderful news, for anyone wishing more storage from OWC, but I am still waiting for benchmarks on the INTEL HD 3000 VS the 2010's NVIDIA Graphics
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    They're selling 256GB in the 11" so I guess so.

    That's OWC.
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    Hah, right on.
    Here's what I was referring to, if anyone's interested. Link. So in the 2011 model, they either changed the SSD itself, or its layout within the MBA.

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    Awesome. Removable ssd = when out of warranty, it's fixable incase the SSD goes (which is the most common point of failure in a computer with an SSD).
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    Wow. I'd just be happy to be able to afford a 512GB SSD.
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    Damn, now I'm a little bit tempted to order a OWC 480GB SSD for my 11-inch ultimate. Not sure if I will do it, but the option is there.
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    Is there value in sticking with the stock 128GB and then selling the 128GB and upgrading to 256GB via a 3rd party? or is the Apple charge ($300) for going from 128gb to 256GB reasonable? For someone who is not interested in a performance upgrade.
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    OWC 256GB drive is $520, I see a 128GB drive on ebay for $122. So at first glance you're looking at $400 to upgrade. And I've heard horror stories of people's fancy SSDs being swapped for stock Apple Platter Drives when going into Apple Care for other problems.

    Personally I wouldn't want to risk it, I'd rather keep my Apple Care.

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