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    I have up and running an

    1 :apple: PowerBook g3
    1 :apple: tray loading imac g3
    2 :apple: slot loading imac g3

    9.2.2 native boot on all.
    (and Tiger on one of them)

    will internal SSD work? :confused:
    I would love to see fast 9.2.2 load even faster!! :) :cool: :p ;) :D
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    Tiger Yes!:) os 9 i do not know:confused: if you do get a ssd make sure you get a ATA ssd drive!
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    try owc, they have pata ssd's...
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    This upgrade will help the drive speed a little but with them all being G3 the money you will need to invest will not have anywhere near the return in performance boost.

    I'm not even sure OS 9 could deal with an SSD properly. Not that it wouldn't work at all but there could very well be data corruption and/or loss. There is also no TRIM support that many SSD need to perform properly.

    If performance is the goal then take the 400+ the 3x SSD would cost and buy a fast G4 and still have 100-200 left.
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    where are you getting your ssd's from i payed for 2x 64gb ide ssd's for my iMac G3's just £120 so £60 each (transcent from ebay still in original packaging unopend)and you could get even cheaper ones with ~10-20GB and it makes a improvement

    and the little Tiger learns to fly
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    You don't need TRIM support on OWC's PATA drives. They have garbage collection built in to the Sandforce chip. You will love the speed, but hate the cost.
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    I more than agree about the cost, I am still waiting for them to lower down the price for the 120gb PATA SSD, if they can slash off a hundred bucks of the price I would buy one right away for my powerbook...
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    Jethryn Freyman

    Don't know, but you won't get too much of a performance boost (G3s are quite slow) and it's honestly a waste of money. You could probably get a dual processor G5 tower for that money.
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    btw only need like 20gb internal disk. I store on external devices anyways. OWC make smaller capacity drives also? :confused:

    I guess by the time hard drives wear out, I will have money saved for expensive giant OWC SSD drives. :p

    not concerned with huge :eek: speed increase ... I understand processors are low end.
    tried opening .avi and .mov files ... it works when playing ... but not "rewind" and "fast forward" (holding down QuickTime's << and >> Buttons)

    ( love the sped up audio :D )

    but 9.2.2 is :cool: :p so impressive with general use. curious about it being even faster than fast!!

    What makes you think I am not planning to get a dual processor G5 tower? :D with another SSD. :D
    but that one would be my tiger only computer.
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    Personally I would get a Dual 1.25Ghz G4 MDD with OS 9.2.2 and an SSD... That would be pretty much the ultimate Mac OS 9 Machine (I think my Dual 867 G4 gets quite close, and certainly handles all my 9Ware).
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    Which :apple: G4s "can" natively boot 9.2.2 ?? :confused:
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    I Think I Have It:

    okay so:

    :apple: all prior to g3 CAN boot natively to original microkernel mac os (althogh not all the way to 9.2.2)
    :apple: all g3

    g4 can NOT boot 9.2.2 except:

    :apple: titanium powerbook
    :apple: first 3 of the 4 powermac
    :apple: first 1 of the 4 emac
    :apple: cube
    :apple: first 1 of the 4 imac desk lamp

    none of g5 and later ...

    am I Correct?
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    You asked the what Macs run OS9 question and I then provide a link with literally ALL the answers and yet you still ask questions that link answers for you.

    Too much redundancy my friend.. :)
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