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Discussion in 'iPhone Purchaser Meetups' started by gillilandboy, Jun 14, 2008.

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    I will be there! This is going to my first camp out for a product. I will going to an Apple store. I don't know if we should go to West County or The Galleria.

    E-Mail me or post here.
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    Email me if your gona go to the at&t in wentzvile (
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    Sorry wentzvile is a little far for me. I live in Webster Groves and am about 10 minutes away from The Galleria or West County.
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    I wouldn't mind going to the Apple Store in West County mall... the store is bigger. How early are you all planning on getting in line?
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    If it goes on sale at 6. I was thinking 11am. I don't know if that is to late or to early.
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    11 am sounds about right.
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    Did you camp out for the first iPhone? I wonder where we are going to wait.
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    Yeah, I was at West County for the first one. I don't think the line was as long because of the price, to tell you the truth. But getting there around 1 o'clock put us around 50th in line (which grew to about 200).

    There's a video of the iPhone launch at West County here.
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    I'll be going to west county on the following saturday.

    I waited in line at west county last year. arrived around 1PM and was number 55 in line. and what a waste of time it turned out to be. my dad went to an at&t store that same day at about 6:30PM and when he found they where sold out, went to the west county store after having dinner and picked up two at around 8PM. without waiting in line!

    In St. Louis I don't think they will sell out so fast. Even though the price of the first gen possibly cut the amount of people waiting to get one they had more than ample supply and I suspect they will with the 3G as well. They're going for market proliferation with this model and with a launch in 20 countries, I would bet they are sitting on a sh*t ton of the 3Gs.
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    Sounds awesome. Are you allowed to bring your laptop? Do you have power and WiFi?
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    yeah! I live in Chesterfield. I might hit up west county and go to the Apple Store there. I'm not sure if I'm going on launch day yet.
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    I'm not eligiable for an upgrade, but want the 3G version. Will anyone here help me out if they have the original?
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    Oh absolutely. If it's anything like it was last year, Apple came around and gave bottles of SmartWater to everybody, and Starbucks and California Pizza Kitchen took orders for people in line. Wifi is broadcast from the Apple Store, so as long as you're not too far down the line, you should be able to get a good signal on your MacBook.
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    Sounds like a party! Any source of power so I can plug my Macbook in?
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    where is everyone going

    Where are you guys going? I am thinking the Galleria, it is closer, and with 40 shutdown west county is probably going to be the more crowded of the 2. Any ideas on when it will go on sale? I know last time it was 6, do you think that will be the same? Any ideas on how many each store is getting?
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    Well I don't think I am going to wait in line. God only knows what time I would have to get in line if the phone goes on sale at 8am.
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    If I remember correctly, the guy who was first in line for iPhone v1.0 got to West County at 5 a.m. (and it didn't go on sale til 6 p.m.)! So if it's going on sale at 8 a.m., and if my math is correct, then the line should start approximately at 7 p.m. on July 10th.

    Geez... not sure if I'm willing to do that. And I wonder how that works with the mall, like security-wise and everything? Do you think we'd get stopped by mall security and they'd try to kick people out if they arrive during the middle of the night?

    Maybe I'll give 'em a call.
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    I visited both Apple stores in St.Louis today.

    just a silly question here...why is the Galleria store smaller than the West County? Should it be the other way around? was my first time visiting an Apple Store. Impressive for this new Apple user.

    Too bad that Columbia doesn't have one, but we are good here though with what we have :)

    Have fun on Friday morning whether you go to Galleria or West County :)
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    Because ever since the Metro expanded to stop at the Galleria it has gone to hell. My wife won't go there alone at night anymore. Now they have age restrictions on weekends, but it's still dicier than it used to be.

    And I won't be waiting in line at all. I'll probably wait a couple days and pick one up when it's sane.
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    Ahhh..I get you now. :)

    I can't make it for the 8'oclock, but I might check after work on Friday. Still undecided on whether to upgrade it or not.
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    I am going to an att around 7 AM
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    AT&T Store in Wentzville

    I will be going to the AT&T store in Wentzville. No idea what time yet, but will going up there at like 2 AM at the latest.
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    I'll definitely be camping out somewhere in the area, however I don't know exactly where yet....

    If I knew that either of the two malls would let campers stay inside, I'd be claiming a stake ASAP. However, since that's still up in the air, I might just get mine from the AT&T store in Fairview Heights to make things easy. The only thing I'm concerned about is the AT&T store drones putting their grubby hands all over my new investment and leaving fingerprints, smudges, and other grime for me to clean up. I KNOW Apple wouldn't let their employees handle anything without a proper hand scrubbing, but then again, I'm still undecided on the Apple stores until I hear if the malls will be open for camping inside.
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    im gettin there at around 4

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