Stand for Aluminum MacBook, Suggestions Required.

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by ryanfong, Nov 14, 2008.

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    Hi all,

    I'm looking for a stand for my macbook due to external display has been applied..

    Is there any good stand for macbook except Rain Design's Mstand & iLevel?

    mStand is indeed super sexy but it's a lil bit overpriced imo..,:(

    Any recommendation will be highly appreciated..

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    If you want to keep your MB cool as well KoolSink is worth a look :)
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    It looks cool man, thanks.

    However it doesn't raise the macbook enough, I want to raise the macbook for a certain height in order to level with the external display as a secondary screen.

    Great suggestion anyway, thanks.
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    Yeh, I know mStand is extremely good as I said in the first post. Sexy looking, stable and well finished however it's still pretty hard to convince myself to spend that money on a piece of metal although I know the whole selling point is the design.

    I live in the UK and mStand costs like £50 here, which is almost $75 USD...:eek:
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    I made a stand out of PVC piping. I believe it is 3/4" in diameter with 8 90 degree elbow connectors. It doesn't look that great, but it gets the job done. It raises the screen level with my external monitor and from my off hand observations, runs faster because the heat is dissipated more easily from the bottom. You can cut the PVC pretty easily and if you like to do things with your hands, this is a fun and very easy project. Let me know if you need more details. I think I spent about $5 on materials and it took me an hour to get everything at the right height and cut evenly.
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    Cheers mate, it sounds pretty good.

    Is it easy to get scratch on this stand?
    Also if I want to raise it to the highest point, it feels like you need to open your screen extremely wide, is it a negative point?

    Again thanks for your recommendation..;)
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    Cheers buddy, in fact I have thought about it as well.

    Is it possible to show me some pics of your hand-made stand? :D
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    It has soft padding where is rests at the bottom. I have used it for 3 months and no scratches plus I use it all the time.

    The highest point is pretty high (I use it on medium height). I have tried it on the highest point and opening the screen a little wide (not that much) wasn't any problem. Read the reviews on it at amazon. All positive. I think it is great.
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    I enjoy the simplicity, portabilty, and adjustability of the Matias iRizer.

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    I would save to ge the mstand. I just received the mstand and it is amazing. Looks good and functions amazing. It's the perfect angle and height for your macbook in use with an external screen. The thing is aluminium and matches the new Macbook perfectly.

    Furthermore, it's a solid construction - not like the griffin elevator (some reviews of computers slipping off) or other rising mechanical stands (potential for mechanical failure).

    It's also a heat sink for your alu book which is also a heatsink. Heatsink on a heatsink. Should help keep your computer cool.
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    Thanks for all you good gents replies and valuable suggestions, I will think about it seriously and make the decision shortly..

    I will post here to let you know what I get... :)
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    Alternatively, you can probably find an iClear Stand or whatever it was called cheap. This was the clear stand replaced by the elevator.
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    yeh I know this "Elevator" product..really good looking as well..

    Maybe I'm being paranoid but it gives me the feeling of extremely unstable..:confused:

    Is it possible your macbook will slip down from the stand?
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    Unlikely... The angle is not that high and the strips of rubber on the stand run all along the bottom of the MB so it shouldn't go anywhere... I've had it for about 1 week now, and though i've bumped my hand into it a few times, the laptop didn't fall. IMO it's a very nice looking, cheap stand.
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    I just got my mStand and it looks amazing, it's sleek and beautiful.
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    I made this stand myself. I wanted something low profile and sleek to work with my external monitor and I couldn't find what I wanted in the market so I designed and built my own. I'm still developing it.



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    I had a grated aluminum stand for my Powerbook 12" that i did not sell with the PB.

    I flipped it over so the rubber bumpers hold my new Al MB in place, perfectly with even more airflow.

    Looks cool and matches everything too. I got the PB stand here on MR a couple of years ago. Can't remember the manufacturer.

    I liked the aluminum matching stand I saw in the previous post.
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    What a nice work station dude....
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    Twilight Elk

    Heck, I'd buy one :D

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