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Stanford on iTunes

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by sethypoo, Jan 24, 2006.

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    Apple is working with Stanford University to offer all sorts of lectures and seminars given at Stanford for free. Whoa! :eek:


    The Dalai Lama at Stanford
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    Stanford on iTunes


    Category: Apple Software
    Link: Stanford on iTunes
    Description:: Stanford University and iTunes team up to bring free lectures and seminars to iTunes Music Store users.

    Posted on MacBytes.com
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    As it stands right now, I can download lectures as a non-stanford student. I wonder what the tuition-paying students feel about this...
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    I agree..One would think this would be password protected.
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    They have Steve Jobs Commencement Address on VIDEO!!

    Downloading now;) Thank you freeness:)
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    How do we find such thiings ?


    Without this link, it would be impossible to discover such
    thing through iTunes. Does anyone know how can
    we browse this kind of files ? (lectures, speeches, for example).

    I mean, try to type "stanford" or even "dalai lama + stanford"
    in the search field. There are no results.

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    I saw the same thing, downloading now, along with the Dalai Lama speeches. Free education is lovely.
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    Downloading now. Thanks so very much.
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    Click on the link in the original post and you'll see a link sending you to the iTunes page.
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    I'ms gettin' me a deegreee, y'all!
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    As an alum, I'd say "meh"

    The real value of a Snodfart education is the education outside the classroom, the interaction and connections you make with other students and the relationships you have with your professors.

    Of course, the really cool thing I thought about this is all the free music from the artists in residences and student groups....
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    I love listening to Jobs' commencement speech. :)
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    Haha! Seriously tho...;)
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    Awesome. Thanks!
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    this is going on my resume...
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    this is one VERY good speech. that is all i have to say.
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    I really hope someone doesn't freak out and shut it all down.

    Just listening to guest speakers would be awesome, I'm assuming Stanford draws some pretty big names.

    If I were an alum, I'd be proud to have my school do something of this sort. Posting on iTunes for the convenience of the students is a great idea, but keeping it free is above and beyond the call of duty. What a great opportunity. :cool:

    In fact, I'm going to write my school right now and mention this program and encourage them to follow in its footsteps.
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    Stanford has had this stuff free for the public for months.

    But I didn't know until reading this article that other universities have similar programs with Apple on iTunes--just closed to the public generally.
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    If every college would do this....that would rock so !#$%!@ much.

    /Sacramento State student
  21. iDM
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    I'm not saying they don't exist but where are these 500 free itunes songs? Am i missing something? Do they mean the ones released on Tuesdays??
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    Blimey, this is old news!

    This was news last year - where's everyone been? ;)

    Stanford is engaging in its public duty to disseminate knowledge, and these lectures aren't the property of fee-paying students but of the intitution and their contributors (the speakers).

    Most unis do public lectures, and academics' papers are published in journals and the internet (like one of mine: http://www.jonathanbaldwin.co.uk/assets/AbandoningHistory.pdf). It's called research, and it's what universities spend most of their time and money on.

    See http://www.apple.com/education/solutions/itunes_u/ for details of the 'iTunes U' service. I'm hoping to make use of it in my institution soon
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    What other universities have iTunes programs? I wish mine would.
  25. iDM
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    Regardless of how long this has been out as others have posted. This is such an amazing and cool idea. I would never have known about this had this article not been posted on MacRumors so even though it might be old news for some I glad it was posted.

    P.S. I am still wondering what was meant when the 500 free songs comment said. Where are they?

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