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Stanford puts audio programs on iTunes

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 20, 2005.

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    That's great news but where are they? Earlier today when I read this article I couldn't find anything of the sort except a really bizarre philosophical podcast from Stanford.
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    A Computer Science class I've been TAing at Harvard Extension school has been doing this for a couple of weeks.. Perhaps not at the volume of Stanford but this isn't a "first".

    Computer Science E-1
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    Cool. Anything about Folding@Home? :)
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    Stanford First iTunes Public Site

    Hi MacManDan,

    This is a first full public iTunes music store for a university. Not content offerings via podcast or an album of university content. It's a full fledged custom store (which is not linked via the iTMS). Just thought I might clarify. =)
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    This could potentially open up the market advertising for up and coming bands who are not represented by the labels. :cool: Is this the beginning of Apple's foray into dominating the market for indie bands. Next step.. the major labels.
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    Some of the lectures look interesting. I thought there were supposed to be books though. I'm dissapointed it's just interviews about books.
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    Not just interviews and lectures, though. There are 100 tracks of free music (as discovered here by realityisterror).

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