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Staples Appears Set to Begin Selling Apple Products in U.S.

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 27, 2013.

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    Last week, MacRumors received word that office supply retailer Staples would soon begin offering Apple products for sale. While the company has offered Apple products in international markets for some time, it had long been unsuccessful in striking a deal for the U.S. market.

    We were unable to confirm the claim at the time, but 9to5Mac now reports that Apple products have begun appearing on the Staples website in the United States as part of an Apple Mock Up section. The section includes a number of products, including the Apple TV (listed at a remarkably low price of $49.99) and iPad Smart Covers, all marked with "Test" in the item description.

    While the products listed on the test pages are limited to accessories with the exception of the Apple TV, our original source had claimed that Apple's full lineup of Macs, iPads, and at least the iPhone 5 would be coming to Staples in the United States. No specific timeframe for an official launch of Apple's products at Staples beyond "in the coming months" has been shared.

    Article Link: Staples Appears Set to Begin Selling Apple Products in U.S.
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    Strange, Staples Canada's been selling iPads, iPods, and Macs for at least a couple years.
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    I' m sure that $49 on the site is surely also be a 'test'. I can not imagine Staples selling this at a loss.
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    aTV for 50 bucks would be quite a deal to be honest... :eek:

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    They seem to be moving into the consumer electronic arena lately so it makes sense.
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    It shows its out of stock :rolleyes:
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    It sells the Surface too.
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    Actually, it carries the Surface. Not sure they are selling any....
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    A lot of people forget, but Staples once sold Mac computers during the John Scully years and it was a mess. The salesmen had no idea what to do with them, and they were often put in a corner away from the other computers. Same with Sears. My first mac (power pc 6400) was purchased at staples.
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    You mean Staples USA didn't carry Apple products ? :confused:

    We've had the whole line-up at Staples for quite a few years now.
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    I had an interview at Staples recently. The interviewer who happened to be the assistant manager said electronics are their least profitable items.
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    staples been selling aple stuff in canada for a while now, nothing new here LOL
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    As the article states, U.S. Staples stores have not carried Apple products up to this point--so it is new. Though not terribly exciting.
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    They do a great job selling the Nexus 7 & 10.

    Having an excellent relationship with Google they always have a complete line in stock.
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    it will be good when you guys get Apple stuff at staples, they frequently have good deals/combos.
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    This "Test" must have been a small one. They are already out of stock
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    So basically apple says.. No, you are not good enough to sell our stuff. Then apples stock dips (thanks to boring iphone 5 sales and mac sales) and they reach out to staples making them feel special by allowing them to sell their products.

    Win for apple, and no one will buy anything from staples anyways.

    That was easy.
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    Something in any store is the least profitable....having electronics brings in customers, and in a store like Staples, once you are there, you find other things you didn't know you needed...it's a good move IMO...
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    I was able to order two last night. Threw in a roll of duct tape and used the $15 off of $100 coupon. Everything said it went through but I never got an email confirmation. Just checked this morning and my order no longer shows the ATV's but it seems they are in process of shipping me a roll of duct tape! All well, it was worth a try.
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    They need them as loss leaders and to drive traffic. When was the last time your friends said, hey, let's go check out the cool manilla folders at Staples?
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    I'd pick up a 3rd gen :apple:TV for that price!
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    Shhhh, don't tell anyone... We might stop getting things first (for once!)... :-D

    Not that this is actually exciting... But it is convenient, as Staples is closer to the Apple Store or Best Best or Future Shop for me.
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    That was years ago when Macs were bought by like 1/10th of 1% of business folks. Now they are all over the place in offices. So it makes much more sense for Staples to carry them. Even for some stores that have service shops to Mac and mobile device certify a person or two. If only far enough to be able to facilitate mail in service for their customers after verify it is hardware (because they are trained to recognize software related stuff and fix it). There are still big pockets that don't have an Apple store but do have several Staples stores so such a move does make some sense. Both on the sales and service side.


    Well that makes sense given the low pricing of most of the electronics they sell


    Don't assume that will continue. Apple apparently wouldn't let Costco etc discount Apple stuff beyond a measly 10% off iTunes cards. So it's unlikely they would allow Staples to discount either


    No proof of any of that. But nice try at the trolling
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    When I think of it, it's surprising how many places you can buy a Mac in Victoria, BC, a small city near us. You can find them at London Drugs and Staples, which are two main "chains" with multiple stores in Victoria. I don't know about Walmart or Costco. And there are at least 3 small independents that I know of. But of course no 'Apple Store'.

    Our Staples offers free delivery on a ridiculously small purchases. I wonder if that will apply to Macs as well.

    I thought it was like that in the US too.


    As others have said, I doubt Staples is making a big profit on the Macs themselves, but they will make their markups on the "other stuff" - speakers, USB hubs, external HDDs, printers and printer inks, etc. Plus - they will take some business away from their competitors.


    Actually, I'm not that surprised that Canadian Staples had Macs before the US. Canadians sometimes don't realize that we often get used as a test market by international firms - Smart Cars for instance. Also, sometimes even big US based multinationals will test drive a product in Canada. They can test it in an "American-like" market, but under the radar of the American competitors.
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    Not at every Staples it seems. The one near me doesn't have any Apple products unless you count the HP Envy.

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