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Discussion in 'Community' started by MrMacMan, Jan 18, 2004.

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    wow that guy is a 1st class starwars nerd.
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    The attention to detail is staggering! I can't believe someone did this!:eek:

    Very geek-chic. I'd only drive it if it was in an amusement park, though. Otherwise you know somebody's going to beat you up.

    My GOD, the blaster on the side... insane!
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    I wonder if that lightsaber in the front seat gets him chicks? Or how about the interrogation bot he has in the back compartment. (Not R2D2 (Im not dumb) the the circular looking grey object.)?
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    Personally I'm amazed I haven't seen that in SC. This is one of those towns you have to choose your theatres carefully in to avoid full-costume Klingons, Elves, Vampires, etc.
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    My God, this guy is beyond hope. I nominate him for the Ultimate Geek award.
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    to put it in the words of Batman: "It is the car, chicks dig the car..."

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    i think he needs to find another hobby...imagine what he would do if star wars never happened
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    It would probably look like a log splash ride rollercoaster and have Fangorn on the plates.
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    Yeah, but not the chicks you want! ;)
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    maybe I should convert my 3rd generation VW van into a rolling Macintosh SE/30... ;)

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    Holy S***! Someone take that guy to the vet!
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    Did you guys see the burn marks from the blasters? about if only he hooked up those lines to his fuel so he could fire the blasters with the triggers on his steering wheel. That'd be cool.
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    #14 got to be into alien species, of course :eek: :p
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    that's feckin' cool!
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    Um... he has a wife.

    And yes that car kicks ass.

    As for calling him a Dork... get the hell off this site.
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    That dude needs a girlfriend. Or a hobby -- a hobby that involves girls....and friends.
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    I saw a Star Trek one where someone had converted a van to look like a shuttle craft, I think that looked better.

    I was just browsing for a picture of the van, but came accross this:

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    Powerbook G5

    I have never seen a car so tacky before.
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    I'm so glad people read eachothers posts...


    Nothing against you abstract, but the post above this one I am quoting I said "Um... he has a wife."

    So, yeah he has a hobby with a girl... its called marriage... :p

    Powerbook G5 -- I guess some people don't like attention to detail...

    I suppose he could have just painted it those colors and posted it... but he did more...

    Anyway its a joke car... like others on eBay.
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    Powerbook G5

    I realize there is detail in the car, but it's also tacky. Just because I find it an eyesore says nothing about my appreciation for attention to detail. I can't imagine actually driving that thing, let alone getting more than a few miles before being pulled over for being an eyesore.
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    Ok, that is grade A nerd, but i applaude him becuase...that is pretty cool when you think about it, the detail looks pretty good. But the R2 sticker is just lame...

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