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Star Wars: Episode III Predictions?

Discussion in 'Community' started by MacAztec, May 18, 2002.

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    I just got done seeing Episode II. I have seen Episodes 4,5, and 6 atleast ten times a piece, and I love them all. I just wanted to touch up on what really happened, and who everyone really was in Episode II:

    You know the guy that married Annakin's mom? His son (Annakin's step-bro) and his sons wife, are going to raise Luke Skywalker on that planet.

    In case you didn't know, when Count Dooke was running from Annakin and his team in the end, and he hid on the planet of Corona or something (the main planet), he went and talked to his "master." That master was the one guy wearing the cloack, and they spoke of the clone war being started, and so forth.

    Now, the main Senator in the movie (the one who wanted Supreme Power) is the same guy. He is EVIL, but plays a good guy. Remember in the end when all the clones were being sparsed out over the galaxy? You know the ships that they were boarding? THOSE WERE THE SAME SHIPS THAT THE DARK SIDE USED IN EPISODES 4,5, AND 6!!

    I think that Annakin is going to kill Count Dooke, and he is going to become the Emporer's Young Apprentice.

    This was also weird:
    Remember when Obi Wan went to that planet that was unlisted in the archives? They told him that the STRONGEST JEDI EVER went there 10 years ago and put the order in for all the clones. Now, that JEDI was the Emporer! He never died, but the Republic said he did 10 years ago, but he just put himself in hiding. He is the strongest jedi.

    The Emporer was also the one who deleted the archives from the records, because he wanted that planet to be unlisted!

    You can tell that Annikan is Darth Vader (duh) when in Episode 6, Luke and Vader are fighting, and Luke chops off vaders arm, and it is all wire!

    Now, in Episode II, Annikan got his arm cut off, and they replaced it with wire.

    These are my predictions for Episode III:

    Annikan becomes the Emporers right hand man, by killing Count Dooke.

    The clone war starts, and the Senator (AKA Emporer) switches to the Dark Side.

    Luke and Lea are born.

    Annikan kills off a lot of the Jedis, but is still passionate for (whats her name)...starts with a P, she is a senator....

    Obi Wan kicks the **** out of Annikan.
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    Anyone know?

    When Episode III will be out? I am guessing the Summer of 04
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    Mr. Anderson

    Summer of 2005, sorry, its going to be a while.


    Princess Leia Organa (from the first series), Lukes brother who's father is Darth Vader, gets her name because of who she is adopted by - Senator Bail Organa, a jedi played by Jimmy Smitts. Check the credits or go to www.imdb.com to see the info.

    They also have the info, what there is, on EP3, and guess what, Jame Earl Jones is the voice of Darth Vader, so we know that a huge change happens to Anakin. What I remember from long ago not sure where I picked it up, but in a fight, most likely with Obi Wan, Anankin loses and falls into a vat of liquid metal/magma and gets messed up. Then he needs all the cybernetics to survive and voila, Darth Vader.

    But basically EP3 has to set up everything for EP4, so its not too hard to predict whats going to happen, just how they get there is going to be the fun part.
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    The Jedi Council discovers Ani's marraige to Padme and are forced to expell him from the Jedi Order. Anikan becomes confused and angry by this and turns to his "mentor" , Palpatine.

    I can also back dukestreet up about the duel with Obi-Wan where Anikan is partially incinerated.
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    syfa dious (or however you spell his name)... you knot the guy that put in the order for the clones..... is darth sidious. syfa dious---sidious.... a play on words there sorta.
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    I expect GL to throw some serious curve balls in ep 3 though.
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    I think the movie will end with princess Leia getting on to Tantive 4 and the Devestator appearing behind them.
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    tantive 4? devastator?
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    a reference to the opening scene in episode 4, where princess leia's transport ship is boarded by an imperial cruiser (is that what they're called, the triangular-shaped destroyers?), and she's taken prisoner aboard the death star.

    That would be rather interesting, and probably get quite a round of applause from the critics if george lucas did that!
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    her ship is a Corellian Corvette. (not sure how it is spelled)
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    a corvette????
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    Mr. Anderson

    Corvette is a naval designation for a convoy escort and patrol warship. Newer ones today can be guided missle corvettes.

    for StarWars, here's a link

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    Another prediction:
    The movie will end with Yoda, Obi-Wan and Mace Windu being the last remaining Jedi. Yoda goes to hide on Dagobah. Obi-Wan goes to safeguard Luke on Tatooine. Mace Windu takes Leia to Alderaan to make sure she is safe and remains there until getting killed in Episode IV.
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    ahh thanks duke for clearing that up for me.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Well, we know that the Jedi are all gone except for Yoda and Obi-Wan from the original series. I don't think Mace will make it, he's going to be killed off in the huge Jedi genocide. But who knows, Obi-Wan was trying to get to Alderaan for some reason, we don't really know who he was going to meet. Very curious.

    What do you think will happen though, when it comes time to destroy the Jedi, getting all the Jedi in one place, the Jedi Council Building on Corrusant and having it attacked by the Storm Troopers, or will they be slowly caught by surprise one by one by Darth Vader. Remember, it was said in the original series that Darth Vader destroyed the Jedis. Regardless, it should prove to be a very cool movie.
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    im side with the "darth vader will kill most the jedis...even mace..thoery" but i wouldnt doubt that GL would throw a curve ball on this one.
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    I don't know if you remember, but Obi-Wan went to Alderaan because of the message from Leia. Leia said that the battle plans were in R2 and that her father Bail Organa (who also served in the Clone Wars) could retrieve and interpret them.

    So I really don't know about the Windu theory. Seems to me that he would be high on the to-kill list because of his actions and power in E2.
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    Re: Star Wars: Episode III Predictions?

    Possibly. Yoda and Anakin/Darth are the only ones who are powerful enpugh to kill Dooku. I'm a little wary to say Anakin, because it was said in the Jedi Academy triology that Yoda killed a dark Jedi in the mysterious cave. He has to stay there because all the Force on the planet and him help to keep the all the darkside from the Sith Lord intact. Dooku?

    Anakin is more than plausible too. If he was a padawan and gave Dooku a run for his money, then when he becomes a Jedi Knight/Dark Lord he will spit on him, and he will die.
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    This could not happen because of the timeline. If you look in the front of the newer SW books you can find a timeline for everything. E3 takes place 2 years after E2 which is 20 yrs. before A New Hope (E4). So the kids would not have time to grow and the Episode would NOT end with the beginning of E4.
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    Could be. I'm wondering why he's called Emperor Palpatine in IV-VI and Sidious in I and II. Shouldn't the Sith keep their Sith aliases over their light-side names (Tyranus/Dooku, Vader/Anakin)?
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    Bail Organa was a hero of the Clone Wars, but not a Jedi.

    I can confirm this burning of Anakin too. He must get royally worked over by OB1, which should be the best scene of the movie, since Anakin's always had it out for his master.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Curious that he's always seen with the jedi's and yoda. Maybe GL is just trying to get a little character recognition, continuity between the movies, so that when he becomes a larger part of the movie in EP3 you'll be able to go back and see him in the others, even though he hasn't really had any/many speaking roles yet.
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    Maybe not Windu, but it has always seemed to me if Luke was important enough to have Obi-Wan nearby him then a Jedi would be near Leia. Then again maybe Dagobah was near Aldeeran.
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    Alderaan is Inner Rim and Dagobah is Outer Rim, they're way far away from each other.

    Anakin grew up on Tatooine, and got to know the Lars, so if they were to keep him there, stationary and on a familiar planet to Vader, he would need some extra protecting. Alderaan was a Clone War-torn planet (maybe we see in E3?), but banned weapons and such in the aftermath making it peaceful.

    Leia was not stationary, either. Luke was. If Leia did have a Jedi protector, then why don't we see him/her leave the planet if that's his/her duty?

    It is plausible though, albeit unlikely that she would need one. Darth catches on to Luke first, then, only through Luke, does he find out about Leia. Their preventative measures seemed to have been good enough to keep Vader from even knowing of her existence, even w/o Jedi protectors.

    But this is all educated speculation on my part, anything's possible w/GL.
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    Here's a question:
    Since we already saw foreshadowing of the Death Star in Ep2, can we expect to see more in Ep3, or will that not fit in well with the timeline?

    The DS wasn't even complete in Ep4...so maybe early production in Ep3...?

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