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Star Wars fans...and christmas

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by jlewis2k1, Dec 20, 2008.

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    Tonight at work we had some visitors from the future ...

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    You mean from the past? :p
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    Cool pictures jlewis2k1, thanks for sharing! :)

    I hope no one was blasted by any of the storm troopers. ;)
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    AlexH: ya I meant the past oh well. I was kind of tired when I posted that.

    DMW007: Nah, but RD-D2 was strolling through the store chirpping at people. It was fun to watch.

    I was caught by surprise when I saw them. No one knew that they were going to be there.

    There were a lot of people that were taking pictures of them. It was by far the coolest thing that happened that day.
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    Thats a store!?

    It looks like an expo.
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    Why were they at the store? Is there a new Star Wars movie coming out?

    I've never been able to sit though one Star Wars movie... they bored me to death.
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    We dont take kindly to your kind here....
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    I agree.

    what store is that by the way?
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    LOL yes it is a store. Its Nebraska Furniture Mart. There is two locations one in Kansas City and headquarters in Omaha (the one I work at).


    NT1440: I agree also!
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    I thought that looked like NFM. I live in Omaha.

    The electronics store at NFM is amazing. It's absoulutely huge. I wish I could have gone there and seen the star wars stuff.
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    good to know someone is familiar with the store hehe.

    Yea it is a HUGE store, but I love it!

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