'Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic' Might Come to the iPad

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    Bioware and LucasArts' Star Wars role-playing game Knights of the Old Republic may be coming to the iPad in the near future, reports IGN, after obtaining a revealing email newsletter that Aspyr Media accidentally sent out to fans.

    A header in the email, which was meant to advertise a sale on Call of Duty games, leaked the news: "The critically-acclaimed Star Wars RPG is now available on iPad..."

    As noted by our sister site TouchArcade, the text likely refers to a Knights of the Old Republic game. Aspyr previously released the Mac port of the original KotOR game and has a presence in the App Store, having released its first iOS app, Sushi Mushi, last November.

    As this was an unintentionally released headline, there is little additional information available at this time, but it is likely that more details on the iPad version of Knights of the Old Republic will be available in the near future if the leak is accurate.

    Article Link: 'Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic' Might Come to the iPad
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    KotOR? To Go?
    Yes please.
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    This would be argument enough for some people to buy an iPad.
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    How would the gameplay be?
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    This is weird news in an awesome way.
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    Literally just finished watching Star Wars!
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    My favorite RPG of all time.
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    Consider it purchased.
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    This game would be a massive download unless it's split-up or heavily compressed. It requires 5GB on Mac, so prepare to delete a lot.
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    This will make my bathrooms breaks unhealthily long...
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    I'd also be cool with Tie-Fighter. Just saying.
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    Huh. Not a game I would have expected on the iPad, but strangely alluring.
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    I just couldn't get into that game for some reason. I feel ashamed to admit it.

    Great news to have more "big" games on the iPad tho.
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    Please do! I played through most of the game a long time ago but lost my save to a hard drive failure so I never got back to playing it. It would be ideal on iPad as it isn't really a real-time game and has tons of menus and text.
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    I bought this game on a steam sale, and have yet to play it. Maybe I will do it on the iPad?
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    Day 1 purchase. the end of my time with FIFA 13.
    GTA was never awesome on the iPad simply because its third person shooter mechanics is too difficult on a touch screen.
    Kotor is perfect for touchscreens on the other hand.

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    IM confused is this the MMO? if so thats pretty cool.

    I wonder what is keeping WOW from coming to ipad? I remember a few years ago a company made it possible but atvi bought them up and then nothing was ever heard about it again.
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    Great! Combat can be turn based, so it would really work well on a tablet. The game rewards pausing, planning in combat.

    IMO It instantly be the best game on iPad.


    Nope, not the MMO. Pretty sure you would like this better. The characters in this game are some of the best written in any game.
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    KOTOR is my favorite game of all time. This might make me reconsider me not wanting an iPad.
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    I'd buy it for nostalgia but but but.... I hate EA. I hope their greedy money stained hands aren't in on this.

    No the Old republic is not Knights of the Old republic. Same creators, just separated by a lot of time. KOTOR was much more popular. Where last I read TOR is barely struggling to breathe.
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    This. I actually never thought about it either, but games like SW:KotoR are really well suited for a tablet, and imo this game is one perfect RPG. I am very much looking forward to that since I really loved that game. Everyone else who feels the same may weigh in. ;)
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    I will buy my first iPad purely to play KotOR if it is optimised correctly and doesn't have a ton of bugs like the mac version.
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    T'hain Esh Kelch

    I'd pick this up. Time to play through as a Sith. And with other team mates.

    The story and gameplay was excellent. Has the best late game twist I've ever seen!
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    A dream come true...

    ...I truly cannot believe my eyes! Simply imagine immersion in a game of KOTOR while traveling- on an airplane, perhaps... I'll never see airplanes the same way.
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    I would like to see NeverWinter Nights on the iPad... but im a dreamer :D

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