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Starbucks' Pick of the Week Goes Mobile Through iOS App With 'Angry Birds Star Wars'

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Apr 9, 2013.

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    Starbucks and Apple have long had a partnership to give away iTunes Store and App Store content to Starbucks customers, with the "Pick of the Week" program using physical cards with redemption codes on the back to allow users to download their free content.

    As noted by CNET, Starbucks has now gone mobile with the Pick of the Week program, allowing users to access each week's selection directly from the Starbucks iOS app without needing to type in a lengthy redemption code.
    Original Pick of the Week app giveaway card (left), app-based Pick of the Week (right)
    In celebration of the new functionality, Starbucks has partnered to give away Rovio's popular Angry Birds Star Wars for this week's Pick of the Week. The app typically costs $0.99 in the App Store.

    Article Link: Starbucks' Pick of the Week Goes Mobile Through iOS App With 'Angry Birds Star Wars'
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    and i used to grab a small stack of these to give out to the dunkin donuts people in exchange for pirated movies
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    Smart - keep people from snagging dozens of codes and sharing them while also driving more traffic to your app.
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    Jessica Lares

    Doesn't help me. :p. One Starbucks doesn't have the wi-fi setup since they're in a Target, and doesn't participate in the program, and the other is just a drive thru Starbucks and doesn't do it either.
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    since you get it from within the starbucks app how is this different than what AppGratis does?
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    no i can just get coffee elsewhere and STILL get the goods.

    Sometimes I would miss a week and lose out.

    Not so cool to those just wanting to pass along cards (like I used to ask for and then at times give out) BUT nonetheless a nice step.
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    For starters the AppGratis is not in the Appstore anymore ;)
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    [checks Starbucks app] Nope, not seeing any free apps there.
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    I checked the starbucks app this morning, still no email to download the app. Unlike the music downloads, do I actually have to be on their wifi network?
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    If you read the quote from the CNET article

    Looks like you have to be on their network.
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    Steve Jobs pranked the former and so Apple feels guilty and lets Starbucks ignore the rules?

    Or it's just totally arbitrary like everything else in the world, life isn't fair, and it's all about who you know.
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    I had the same but-AppGratis-does-the-same question, but the way pick of the week is displayed in Starbucks' app cannot be confused with App Store, so perhaps they can get away with it on a technicality.
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    You can download it though the app without needing to be on their WiFi. I just got my push notification (varies week-to-week on when I get it) saying it was available to download.

    Go to Starbucks.app > Home > Settings > Starbucks Notifications > Pick of the Week ... and toggle that to "On." Then every Tuesday you'll get a push notification when you can download the 'Pick of the Week', which will be found in the Home > "Messages" section.
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    Finally, a reason to keep the Starbucks app on my iPhone. :p I had to.
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    you can just stand outside of a starbucks to get it since wifi signals go outside of windows

    here in NYC there are so many starbucks, should not be a big deal to find one
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    looks like it is via APP or on their wifi network, perhaps you can get on their site in network and get it at teh store if you are on a computer with no app access?
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    Makes sense. Drive people to the stores. There will end up being hords of people and cars pulling up to SB stores just to download apps, causing traffic jams and riots... a few going in to get coffee. jk :D
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    [checks article again] Nope, not seeing any reading comprehension skills here.
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    I would like you guys to re-read the article. Especially the line that says..."starting tomorrow"... For the others, please re-read where it says being on their network to download the app is 1 of the 2 choices as noted by the word "or". :rolleyes:
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    For everyone checking and saying they don't see the app...

    Starbucks "pick of the weeks" are released on Fridays and pushed via notifications to apps as late as the following Tuesday. You do not have to be in their stores or on their wifi. The last release was April 2nd.
  21. ritmomundo, Apr 9, 2013
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    click on a .cn link?

    yeah right
  23. ritmomundo, Apr 9, 2013
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