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Starcraft 2 Offically announced

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by AoWolf, May 18, 2007.

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    bah, beat me to it :-D
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    I beat you both to it in the ongoing thread :p
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    Holy cow I've been waiting on this for years! I'm so unbelievably excited!!!! Haha, wow. StarCraft was a staple during High School. /reminisce.
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    Anyone have any links to images of the gameplay footages shown?
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    Alright it should be out on Mac on release! Thank God for Blizzard. :D

    Multi-threading OpenGL is a must!
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    Game footage


    first 3 videos, english announcer, basically everything that was said in the transcript was copied from what the announcer was talking about while playing. Personally the screenshots don't do justice to what the game play looks like, even though the vids pretty bad in quality.
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    Very nice.

    I was wondering why blizzard was getting the Havok engine for.

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    All I can say is THANK GOD. Wow I'm so happy right now. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
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    Haha, that's hilarious! :D

    I wonder if StarCraft 2 is going to work on PowerPC systems. I've read on Gamespot that Blizzard started working on StarCraft 2 shortly after The Frozen Throne in 2003, and that was when we were promised a 3GHz Powermac in 12 months :)

    Anyhow, there goes the hopes of a Lost Vikings sequel :( :p
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    I'm just worried, how can you update something that's so perfect already. And it doesn't look like a sequal, but more like an updated SC1.

    I would've preferred a whole new franchise, or D3, but oh well.
    SC2's gonna kick some major butt! :p
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    well its nice to see stratcraft II, i will probebly pick this game up.

    however, I must say that i'm pretty dissapointed, it looks like an updated starcraft II, like thejadedmonkey said before me.

    but...there should be more, i mean on their site the job oppertunities tell us that they are looking for people to work on an next gen mmorpg, i sure hope they are talking about diablo 3, although i don't want diablo 3 to be a mmorpg.
    anyways thats kinda of topic.

    ok i'm off again, cya guys, and sry for my poor english :)
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    Best gaming news. Glad to see they went with the RTS route than the rumored MMO. Between EQ and WoW I had my fill of MMOs for a long time.
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    Well since this is Blizzard, I'm assuming we still have a few years until the thing is actually released, which means at that point it will probably be intel only :(
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    I'm actually glad it looks like an updated Starcraft rather than Warcraft 3: Starcraft Edition. Although it appears very similar to the first game, the 3D models and new lighting effects will give it more visual depth than screenshots can convey. Looks like it's time for me to play through SC and Brood Wars again...
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    Wow the game looks amazing! I'm still waiting on the CGI intro video to load, but I'm and bubbly as a schoolgirl right now. :D :D :D
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    Yes! Finally! And of course Blizzard covers compatibility with Mac computers! I can't wait, this game is going to be great.. hopefully. Don't let us down Blizzard!
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    I die!!!!!

    Finally a game worth buying
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    Yeah the game thus far looks like 3D Starcraft I but hopefully Blizzard will add enough stuff to make it fresh, I LOVE the new races design, terrans no longer look like poorly done cartoons and Protoss look really cool now. Though thats just artwork and CGI... ingame terrans look horrible.

    It doesn't look like they are changing the gameplay much, it would have been nice to see heroes and a 4th race but WC3 has proved that heroes and 4 races make for a game tough to balance.

    In any case, even if its just a 3D Starcraft expansion (which it is so far) with updated game mechanics (like the tab caster system from WC3) then I'm already pretty excited :), I'm just glad its not a MMORPG.
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    I can't wait :)

    In the meantime somebody bring us Starcraft DS.
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    I wonder what the system requirements will be...
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    In their faq it sounded like they were planning on making it fairly compatible with older technology.
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    Noooo, never! Then it really would be like the WC2>WC3 transition.

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