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Start to have second thought about iPod Touch 5

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by raccoonboy, Nov 20, 2012.

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    I might decide to buy this as a New Year gift to myself.

    After trying to convince myself that Gen 4 is enough, its not. Force close and lagging on Ios 6, 256 of ram isn't gonna cut it anymore. I guess.

    I need some advice from you guys who currently holding the device. Do you feel that touch screen can handle long term uses? My Gen 4 used to taste my fingernail many times as i dropped it on my hands and the screen still flawless. I read that Ipad mini is sporting a thinner glass and im afraid ipod touch 5 would be the same. I love the sturdy glass on Gen 4 so do you get the same feeling with 5?

    Thanks in advance.
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    The 5th Generation iPod touch is a better iPhone than my iPhone 3Gs, even if it isn't an iPhone. That's how good it is.

    Here's a strong warning, though: If you get one, the old iPod/iPhone will look uncomfortably tiny.
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    You should not have updated to iOS 6 (unless it came with it). See why here:

    Anyways, I'd wait for iOS6.1 to see if it improves things. iOS 5.0 and 5.0.1 was a laggy crashing mess on touch 4G before iOS5.1 made device smoother (almost as close as iOS 4.X days).
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    Thanks for your insight and dont worry, I am currently using Ipad as well ;)
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    I wish I could go back to 5.1 for my iPod Touch 4g
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    Jailbreak your iPod touch on 6.0(.1), then I believe you can restore down to iOS 5.1.1 provided you have downloaded that version of the software. I believe the outcome would be a non-jailbroken iPod touch 4th Gen on iOS 5.1.1 which would be a lot less laggy. I'm not entirely sure you would keep all you current data, or if the iPod would be jailbroken after you have completed the steps, but its worth a try.

    The 4th Gen really isn't that bad on iOS 5.1.1 and you should probably keep that configuration for a year and wait for the 6th Gen to come out.
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    If you have followed Apple over the years, you would know that the 6th Gen will probably come out next year with only very minor changes (colors, return of the ambient light sensor ?, etc). It will be at least 2 years before you will see another Touch re-design.
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    From what I understand, the IPT 5 screen incorporates the LCD and digitizer (touch part) into one. The IPT 4 continues to work even with a broken LCD screen because the digitizer is underneath and unaffected. I'm curious to see if a cracked IPT 5 screen will allow the touch part to continue working.
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    I was one of the early adopters of the ipt 5g and I couldn't be happier. Like most, I waited to see if Apple was going to update its ipt line significantly enough for me to replace my 4g. From the camera(s) being much better, the speed and processor being almost twice as fast, retina screen amazing, the addition of SIRI, 3D flyover maps (cool to see at least once) and overall quality of the craftmanship, I think it's worth an upgrade!

    In regards to durability, it definitely feels like it can take a licking like the 4g. Long term wise, I'm sure all devices have their limitations. However, if fingernails and scratching is a concern, purchase a high quality screen protector such as one from ZAGG. I have the HD ipod touch 5g version and it is designed for heavy usage.

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    The iPod touch 6th gen may look the same as the 5th gen but I can guarantee it will be worth waiting a year for it if you already own a 4th gen. Put the 4th gen on iOS 5.1.1 and that will last another year until I would recommend upgrading.
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    If you really like your current Touch and don't want to spend the money, I would agree that you shouldn't buy a new one. Otherwise, why wait a year to get one since the design is not changing ? Right now, your 4th gen is worth the most money towards a Touch 5. If you are waiting for the next re-designed Touch, it will be in two years.
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    Just get the 5. It looks like a great device. I almost bought one, and if they came out at the same time as the iPhone 5 (which I bought) then I would have bought one of those as well. But they were delayed and it ended up that I bought the iPad mini instead. Pull the trigger and get the 5.
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    I watch the tear down in ifixit but didn't really understand how all the components work.
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    OP, don't you have any Apple Retail Store near you? Or an Apple Authorized Reseller? Playing with and touching the iPT5 in such a store is the best way to get a feel for the device. As for the specs and features, anyone here can list that, or you can easily find out for yourself on Apple's website for product specs. But it's best to play with it yourself before you buy.

    I went to my local Apple Store nearest me, and I played with the iPodTouch5 for about 20 minutes. The next day, I ordered one from the Apple Online Store.
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    My iPod touch 4 isn't that laggy. If you restart is every other day and close apps every couple hours it doesn't get that laggy. I'm sticking with my iPod touch 4 for another year since it still works perfectly fine and is fast enough for the things I do. 256mb ram though does bother me sometimes

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