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Steaming from a AEBS connected HD.

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by fivepoint, Jun 16, 2008.

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    I am considering moving my entire iTunes library to an external drive to reclaim some hard drive space on my iMac for video editing. I would like to know if I can successfully hook a USB hard drive up to an AEBS, put my iTunes library on it, and stream content from there to the AppleTV with no additional LAG.

    I am wondering, since the file would be sent from the AEBS, to the iMac, back to the AEBS, and then to the AppleTV (or whatever) if that would create more lag than I experience now.
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    I never had very good luck with this when I tried it. It caused extreme video buffering, audio sync issues, and many times the video simply wouldn't play.

    I'm not saying this will happen for you; there's no reason you shouldn't try it. But just be prepared. This was my own experience.

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    As long as your iTunes library is on the external hard drive, you should be okay. Here's a similar thread with info that may be helpful to you. Good luck to you. :)
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    I will read through that thread, thank you.
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    I currently have my Apple TV library streaming from my AEBS, and it works just fine. There is an increased load time at the beginning of the movies, but not really that long. Also, there can be a slight lag within the menu when browsing the library titles. I hope this helps. It certainly cleans up around your desk.
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    Steaming from a AEBS

    I would definitely use an iron.:p
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    fivepoint, since your iMac is seemingly going to remain in the loop under all scenarios, it seems to me you might want to consider changing your design a little.

    It sounds like you want to hang some USB storage off of your router (AEBS) that will contain your iTiunes content (music, TV shows, movies, etc.). All doable, but understand that depending on your network, this may introduce more frustration that it's worth.

    If, for example, your network is wireless, then depending on the weakest link in the overall system, the speed and reliability of the connection could be called into question. Likewise, with a wired network, you could be running over some homemade system that leverages pre-existing in-wall coax (slow) or brand new cat. 6 cable with 10G capabilities (fast). The point is that the capability of the network comes into question.

    Another option would be for you to simply hang the USB storage (although I would suggest Firewire 400 or 800 if you have such ports on your iMac) directly off of your iMac. This way, you will likely (A) increase significantly the throughput speed from the storage device to the iMac, and (B) reduce the amount of traffic required to be carried by the network.

    Since most people seem to physically locate their router close to their cable/DSL modem (which for many is located in the bowels of their abode), if you hang the storage directly off of the iMac, you will gain the benefit of having immediate access to the storage device to make whatever adjustments (power off, hard drive change, etc.) are necessary while sitting at your iMac.

    Finally, unless you're already running on a wired basis from your iMac to your aTV, you might want to consider upgrading to do so. I think you'll find the benefits of wire much more compelling than wireless - especially when trying to move around content that comes in large containers like movies or uncompressed music files. Yes, the aTV currently only sports a 100 megabit ethernet port, but if you've got a reasonably new iMac it has a 1 gigabit ethernet port, as do the new Apple routers - I'd think this gap would be closed by the next aTV hardware release. Anyway, I would bet on the wired network over a wireless one any day for reliability, speed, connectivity, etc.
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    Good information everyone... Thank you very much. It seems like there are some mixed results with this, and it may require a bit of testing on my part. I may need to just buy a drive and do some testing.
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    If you do, let us know how/if it worked for you.

    I had my 500GB External plugged into my AEBS ("n") and my iMac (from 20 feet away) was always dropping the connection to it. When the iMac would sleep, it couldn't find the AirDisk again.

    I gave up on it. Way too frustrating. Simpler to hook the HDD up to the iMac.
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    Will do. I have a sneaky feeling that the results are very reliant on the strength of the wireless network and other variables. The results would likely be different in every household.

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