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iPad mini Steaming Hot off the Presses! iPad mini retina Screens [Rumour]

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Matt606, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Matt606, Feb 22, 2013
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    I for one, can't wait! Will be buying one on launch :D
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    same, its the only thing really stopping me from snapping up a mini right away.
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    Yummy :)
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    Hot off the rumor mill, you mean?

    A rumor repeated by the media is still a rumor.
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    that would suck because i just bought my ipad mini a week ago
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    Am buying my ipad mini tomorrow. Rumor is that if/when it does come out, the price will go up.
  8. NameUndecided, Feb 22, 2013
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    Yes, of course you can link to other sites. :)

    Is this a thing that's being reported? I don't see a story about screens anywhere (yet).
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    This is not surprising though is it, I mean we knew this would come as soon as the mini was released, we assumed right off that the next mini would be retina. More of a surprising rumor would be more like, the mini will NOT be retina.
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    Can't wait to dump this low res mini.

    It's just not up to Apple standards, but hey, they made plenty of money Off of us. The display isn't bad, it's actually fine for what it is. But Apple ripped us off as compared to my $199 Nexus 7 with higher resolution.

    I bet the new retina mini will really be pricey. It will be interesting to see what they charge. Not that it matters to me, when one decides to become a serious Apple enthusiast & frequent buyer you learn that it's not about value, but making Apple happy :)
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    ^ yikes.
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    hopefully with the minimal cost increase speculated, apple will just keep the same prices. i cant remember the last time they actually raised the price of a new product, so why start now? after all they make a decent enough profit margin already
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    never said it was FACT did i?
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    Well, we can assume it won't be more than $499, that's most a 16GB Apple tablet has ever been priced, and that's the 4th gen (with a retina display, A6X, etc.)

    FWIW, my value proposition isn't just price as it relates to specifications. There's construction, materials, app availability, stability, interoperability, support, service, sales experience, just to name a few additional things I believe contribute to the _total_ value picture. :)
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    A decent rumor, as rumors go.

    A good 8 out of 10, give or take.
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    Holy Crap he should post that on a rumor site not HERE....o wait......
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    You don't fool me. Your thread started as fact, but when you were pointed to the fact it was a rumor you edited the entire thread.
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    I've read some analyst say the price is likely to go up arround 30% for the iPad Mini Retina.

    Question: If the Mini Retina was released for $400 (16gb wifi) would you still buy it?
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    No one who wanted to pay $329 would. The point of the mini was the entry level pricing went down.
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    I would probably bet on the next iPad mini having a retina display.
    "iPad mini with Retina Display"
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    Unless Apple uses Sharp's Igzo displays,I can't see how they could make a mini retina with the same weight and thinness of the current mini.

    A retina display uses double the power and Apple would need a battery twice the size to maintain it's current 10 hour operation.

    Who would buy a mini retina that weighs 500g and as thick as the ipad 4?

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