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Stephen Fry Narrates The World of Dinosaurs

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 25, 2012.

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    British actor and Apple enthusiast Stephen Fry has narrated this in-depth and iPad-only virtual encyclopedia called Inside the World of Dinosaurs. In the works for more than a year, 30 dinosaur specialists collaborated on the $13.99 app, with 60 dinosaurs detailed, 200 pages of original text, 84 videos, and, perhaps most enjoyably for many, 5 hours of narration by Stephen Fry.
    Inside the World of Dinosaurs is available for iPad on the App Store for $13.99. [App Store]

    Article Link: Stephen Fry Narrates The World of Dinosaurs
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    This app makes me wish I had a pet dinosaur :(
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    They must feel like "Damn it, we did all this work of coding and NOW they remembered to release iBooks Author??"
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    Love the lady at 37 seconds sitting on the stairs....like she just COULDN'T WAIT to get downstairs to use the app!! :D

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    My thoughts exactly! Looks like a very cool app, that's for sure. Can't go wrong with Stephen Fry.
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    Stephen Fry using long, scientific words makes me wet
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    Added to AppShopper wish list. $13.99 is a bit too rich for my blood, although I suppose it is priced in line with other similar educational title, The Elements and Solar System.
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    Stephen Fry, older brother of Thomas Fry.
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    Stephen Fry is one of my idols. Looks like he won't be moving to the US too, which is nice :)
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    I don't want to touch that encyclopedia. That finger looks like it's about to be bitten! :eek:

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    If they show more of her in the app, I'll buy it!
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    Related to Philip J. Fry?
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    That settles it; I'm getting an iPad with the next version (2s/3). I could listen to Stephen Fry read the weather report and enjoy it. The audiobook of The Fry Chronicles is the first I've thought I'd listen to again.

    And dinosaurs are cool.
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    And all the ladies say
    I'm Stephen Fry
    (for a white guy)
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    Have just started the download at work using WiFi. It was a third done by 5 minutes. Can't wait.
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    Stephen Fry should be the voice for all apps.

    ...including Siri, which should also step up the wittiness if addressed as Jeeves.

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    Haven't been on the textbook store yet - is it possible to get previews like on the Nook and Kindle?

    Very, very cool - wish I had that when I was I in school - had to only dream when watching the Pads on Star Trek... ;)
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    Yes of course there are samples. The first two chapter of an iPad exclusive book is available for free too.
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    Stephen Fry is an international treasure.
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    Stephen Fry is a pain in the arse. But very popular in America.
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