Steve Jobs Forbes CEO Poll Attacked By Lemmings

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by kiwi, Jul 9, 2003.

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    .Net is a no show, XP is stuttering, and the Department of Justice suspects the Gates Gang of not living up to the terms of the infamous lawsuit settlement. So what do some PC users with too much time on their hands wind up doing? How about attempting to soil Steve Jobs' good standing in Forbes' CEO Approval Rating Poll.

    Strictly speaking, these polls are useless...but I voted anyway!

    The Forbes CEO poll is here...
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    Voted for Jobs. :D

    Voted "No" for Ballmer. Flood Ballmer with "No" votes....the same PC'ers who voted "No" for Jobs have obviously been flooding Ballmers vote box with "Yes" votes.
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    Auto vote

    More evidence for the futility of these polls but for those interested...

    The Wintel crowd is bot-voting (using an application to auto-vote again and again) against Steve Jobs and for Steve Ballmer (approx. 30000 votes per day). The only way to compete is to auto-vote, too. This is possible through AppleScript:

    1. set Safari's homepage to (the 'vote for steve' link) and set Safari to open new windows with homepage in Safari's prefs.

    2. install the System Events Beta and Script Editor from the 'pre-release software' folder on the Jaguar Developer Tools CD (needed for UI element scripting)

    3. 'enable access for assistive devices' in Sys Prefs>Universal Access to enable UI element scripting.

    4. run the following AppleScript:

    on run
    tell application "System Events"
    set ResetCounter to 0
    open application "Safari"
    end try
    set frontmost of process "Safari" to true
    tell process "Safari"
    click menu item "Reset Safari..." of menu "Safari" of menu bar 1
    click button "Reset" of window 1
    end try
    click button "Reset" of window 2
    end try
    end tell
    repeat 1200000 times -- this is a wait cycle, adjust as needed
    set x to 1
    end repeat
    set ResetCounter to ResetCounter + 1
    if ResetCounter > 100 then -- here we restart Safari to avoid stack overflow
    tell application "Safari"
    end tell
    repeat 2400000 times -- this is a wait cycle, adjust as needed
    set x to 1
    end repeat
    set ResetCounter to 0
    end if
    end repeat
    end tell
    end run

    The wait cycles may need to be adjusted to your computer's speed and the speed of your internet connection. The script can only be quit through 'Force Quit'. Sorry, but it's been a while since my last scripting.

    PS: Alternatively, to vote against Ballmer, set as Safari's default homepage.
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    Yeah, I posted this a few days ago.

    It's even in my sig. Should've put a catchier header on it. Here I thought a bunch of other people would've posted, and hijacked the poll right back.

    Guess PC weenies have even more free time than we do. ;)
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    Re: Auto vote

    Does this really work? Whenever I go there it says "Your vote was Yes on 7/3/2003 11:23 am" which was when I first voted. I think it might be restricting votes by ip#, I tried deleating all the forbes cookies.
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    This poll is definitley not accurate. I think Forbes will be able to tell that something is up, though.
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    Give it a rest. Forbes will probably nullify the results soon. Auto voting for Jobs is just as pathetic as auto voting for Ballmer. Leave Forbes' servers alone.
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    And who really cares? If Ballmer 'wins', will Steve be so discouraged that he shuts Apple down and retires? Will we all have to start using Windows? Will Arn have to start a (and WinBytes)?.

    Everyone already knows that Windows usres vastly outnumber Mac users. It's not news. The poll is completely meaningless.
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    Only 20,000 :D times left clicking yes for Steve and we'll have the majority. ;)
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    Just wanted to give balance.

    Auto-spamming for Jobs and against Ballmer evens out when they do it. Well, it would if there were more of us. Forbes wants to runs these Polls, they know what they're getting into. I'm sure the extra hits to their pages don't hurt them any.

    Just like when a PC writer needs hits to his page and says something bad about the Mac (the more wrong, the better). Free advertising from the zealots. I know you shouldn't feed the trolls, but sometimes it's too hard to resist.

    As if anyone really likes Ballmer.

    As if most of the people who voted against Jobs even knows anything about him. Makes him look better that he has so many votes. Either way. He must be doing something right.
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    Like I said, I think these polls are useless. It is slightly interesting as a cultural phenomenon that people get excited about such things as if they actually make a difference. Having said that, I still found it irresistable to vote.

    No sympathy at all for Forbes though. They probably anticipate this sort of thing.

    As for the auto voting - I don't know if it works or not - it's not my idea and a link to the original post is included. It looks to me that voting is limited to IP.
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    I hope everyone got even and voted NO for Balmermokneyboy.
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    jeez, i never thought people would actually spend that much effort to bad-mouth jobs and vote for ballmer.
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    It would be easier to run a script through terminal that uses curl, would vote much faster than an applescript that works through Safari
  15. Mal
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    Well, at least Jobs is back on the positive side now, even if it's only 51%. I voted a few times, hopefully he'll get caught back up or Forbes will take it down. Too bad some people can't leave polls to the proper one vote each.

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    Currently at 55% Positive
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    Windows users get bored with it, while we still keep clicking (so I have no life... I'm ok with that).

    Mac bashers seem to have ADHD anyway.
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    Anybody else get this when they go to the site on a Windows machine?

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    Nope... weird thing, don't download looks like virus man!

    I'm on one right now... hmmm...
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    I only get it once in awhile. And only on a Windows machine. Not a virus, but some kinda plug-in. I've gotten similar from other sites as well. Never click yes, unless it's flash or shockwave.

    Norton and ZoneAlarm say nothing.
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    Meh the last time my friend was on some site and it was like 'let Microsóft access for downloads'

    he clicked yes, opened it and it was a virus. :eek:
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    Simple shell script to vote for Steve

    1) Make the following your Home page in Safari preferences:

    2) Make a script in the text editor of your choice with the following commands:

    while [1]
    open /Applications/
    sleep 10
    killall Safari
    rm -fr /Users/rod/Library/Cookies/Cookies.plist

    Then open up Terminal and navigate to the directory that contains the file and type this:

    chmod +x name_of_script

    That's to make it executable.

    Then while in that same directory in Terminal you can execute it with the command ./name_of_script

    While running this script, it will continuously open Safari, wait 10 seconds (while the vote for Steve is submitted via the link), close Safari, delete your cookies, and start over. This way the vote will count every time.

    Each reader could singlehandedly add over 100,000 votes to Steve in what's left of the month. Of course, you'd only want to leave it running whle you're away from your computer since it pretty much takes over by opening and closing Safari constantly.

    You could adjust the value after 'sleep' if your computer takes longer to open the 'submit vote' page. You could also replace the link with:

    To make it continuously vote No for Ballmer.


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