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Steve Jobs is not dead (again)

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 24, 2009.

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    Category: News and Press Releases
    Link: Steve Jobs is not dead (again)
    Description:: Hoaxers have hacked the Wired magazine website to post a faked story about Steve Jobs having a heart attack. Naturally, the blogosphere fell for it at first.

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    dear god this is starting to get annoying i feel sorry for steve
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    When he does really die (one day) no one will believe it.
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    It goes to show there are wankers out there that have nothing better to do than spread the biggest pile of BS possible for there own amuzement.

    I hope these wankers get caught out and dealt with in the harshest possible way.
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    When (not if) they do get caught, the book will be thrown at them because of the way Apple's stock plunges every time one of these fake stories surfaces.
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    I hope the hackers who did this die of a heart attack. That would make more sense. Long Live Steve Jobs... Down with Bill Gates... oh wait he already quit Microsoft... :D
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    Why wont people stop with all of this about Steve? I really do feel sorry for him having to deal with all of these fake rumors.
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    The converse of this is how the SEC is investigating Apple for misleading shareholders, ostensibly to keep the share price up. It's a sword that appears to cut both ways.

    Which is not to say I believe that the hackers are doing something good. But Lord knows someone will say I said that.:)
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    It's like Mark Twain all over again...
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    Also, what monkey wrote that article?

    "Yesterday the blogosphere and Twitterverse were buzzing with yet more rumours of the possible death of poorly Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Not surprisingly so, given that Wired.com appeared to be reporting that he had suffered a heart attack."

    That's not even English...
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    Care to point out the non-existent errors that stop it from being English?
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    The "Not surprisingly so" is pretty poor.
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    Actually, maybe lots of rumors about Steve Jobs' bad health are good, if there are so many that they end up desensitizing people to the rumors and they just stop believing any of them.
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    I was just thinking the same thing. Everyone with think someone hacked their site and posted a false story.

    Poor Steve, may you live forever.
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    What does "...the possible death of poorly Apple CEO Steve Jobs..." mean? :confused:
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    IJ Reilly

    They can hack the Wired web site, but they can't spell? Dear God, make it stop...

    What part is confusing? Is it the use of the word "poorly?"
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    The possible death Steve Jobs, who is ill, may have been a better way of wording out. When said in context, it does make grammatical sense. :)
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    You could use an "of" in there...
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    That's a horrible title. Steve jobs is a star to me. Hope he lives for another 50 years. I just can't see apple without Steve Jobs.
    Thank you
  20. SJD
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    Agreed. Can we have a moratorium on these kinds of articles?
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    Not a surprise. There have previously been many incidents like these.

    I don't know whether or not to take you seriously due to your screen name and the fact that you have only posted in threads relating to Steve Job's health.
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    Busted. I was typing that at 3am last night, working to a course deadline. 50% of my course on one essay. :eek:
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    You go on MacRumors while doing homework?
    Well, you're not alone.

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