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Steve Jobs Made Me Miss My Flight

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Mar 11, 2008.

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    Category: Humor
    Link: Steve Jobs Made Me Miss My Flight
    Description:: Michael Nygard gets stopped by TSA agents trying to catch a flight with his MacBook Air in his bag. TSA couldn’t believe it was a real laptop.

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    Its good these people are not the ones protecting us from the bad guys...oh wait......
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    The article was ok, but the title is totally misleading. I guess it does its job of puling people into reading it though. how many of us would read an article titled "TSA Made Me Miss My Flight". we'd all shrug and go, yeah so, happens to lots of people; and then never read the article...
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    haha, same thing happend to me when I was coming home from spring training last week. They put my backpack through the xray. Stopped it, took out my macbook air and said "your not allowed to have this on any aircraft" and i am stunned. He thought it was a "weapon" what a b****. lol Then, while i walked away. He said OO its a macbook air, jessie (some1 else working there at the TSA w/e) look, its a macbook air look at how thin it is!. But i didnt end up missing my flight. I ended up with my flight delayed 6 houres to land at 2 when it was supposed to land at 7 ]. haha
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    Why are TSA agents trying to catch a flight? .. and what were they doing with Michael's MBA?? something doesn't add up ...

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    Well, if you want to avoid the hastle, have the laptop out of its bag and on when you go thru.

    But what do I know.
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    That story is too funny. But the fact he missed his flight does really suck.
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    whenever there's a problem

    blame steve
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    unbelievable! Our tax dollars at work! :D
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    Isn't that standard procedure at every airport ever?
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    What rock do they scrape these people from the underside of? How in the hell can you not have seen anything about this computer?
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    It has nothing to do with the computer itself. It had to do with it's 'lack of a disk drive', because it was an SSD model. I'm calling BS on this because everyone with a flash based MP3 player would be under the same scrutiny.
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    TV ads?

    of course they watch TV but are the MBA ads showing on non english channels?
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    I guess not...:(
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    IJ Reilly

    No, they wouldn't because MP3 players are not laptops. The TSA screeners are trained to look for specific internal components inside of electronic devices. A laptop with no hard drive mechanism and something unrecognizable in its place looked suspicious to them. The screener was actually being quite heads-up aware, but obviously, their training is somewhat behind the technology curve.
  16. JNB
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    The moron writing the article made himself miss his own flight. Going through security as the flight was boarding? Numbskull. I see a fair amount of embellishment for attention-getting in that whole article.
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    I'm glad they're doing a strict job... last year I got through security with a pocket knife on my key chain (i totally forgot it was there)... it wasn't until a pilot behind my caught it that i had to give it up ...... and after he found it he bitched out the person watching the x-ray machine ....
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    IJ Reilly

    Yeah, I guess. Probably all of us have had our own strange/absurd/frustrating experiences with airport security though, so empathy is a natural reaction. I thought his piece was quite humorous.

    The TSA guys always look so bored, I'll take comfort from knowing that at least some of them are paying attention.
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    kind of a weird article. kinda of funny i guess
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    Alright buddy. Does your Fiancee work for TSA? Because mine does.

    FWIW it actually has to do with whether the device has enough battery power to detonate anything. an iPod does not where a laptop does. However the whole reason this is floating around hyping crap up is because of the SSD disk. I am also pretty damn positive the MBA is NOT the first notebook with SSD.
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    IJ Reilly

    Nobody said it was, but SSD drives are relatively new. Obviously the TSA screeners are not up on this technology yet, buddy.
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    Alright chum.
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    The modifier was ambiguous. "trying to catch a flight" was supposed to modify "Michael" instead of the "TSA agents"
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    haha, yes, i know.... that's what the :p was for
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    Analog Kid

    I call BS all over this... If you've checked a bag, the plane can't leave without you unless they go through the baggage and remove yours. I've had bags go onto the wrong plane, but they'll hold the plane if some one has checked in and hasn't made it to the gate yet.

    I've gone through security with all sorts of non-standard electronics. Usually no one says boo, sometimes they get pulled out of my bag, inspected, wiped for explosives residue, and then cleared. I've never seen TSA be anything but efficient and professional.

    Can a screener miss something after staring at an endless stream of Xray images? Sure. Are they going to huddle around a new laptop like aborigines finding a coke bottle? No...

    I think some of the boredom may be coming from the fact that they know any attempt to secure the gate on their part is being undermined elsewhere. They'll take a keychain sized pocket knife, but there are kitchens on the other side that have cooking knives, they let me peel the sharp metal lid off a can of tuna fish in their $5 lunch box on the plane, and there's no shortage of glass. They make a big show of the flight crew going through security with the rest of us, but the ground crews only get spot checked. Only passengers are allowed through, but anyone can print a boarding pass off the internet.

    If I had to spend my day hassling people, knowing I'm always hassling the wrong people, I'd get tired of it quickly too...

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