Steve Jobs nominated for Time's "Person of the Year"

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 15, 2005.

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    gets my vote:p

    WAT!!! JOobs is tied with Condoleezza Rice and Bush. That crazy talk. A JK Rowling is winniing! I'm hurt, The Google Guys,Mother Nature, Bono are all beat Jobs!
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    Hope people remember that it goes to the most "newsworthy" person, not necessarily the most loved. Which is why our esteemed American president was last year's Person of the Year.

    EDIT: From the site (they said it better than I can):
    TIME's Person of the Year is the person or persons who most affected the news and our lives, for good or for ill, and embodied what was important about the year. Who do you think fits the bill this year?
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    I wish that in the Poll results Mother nature was ahead of Bono. She/it has a much more demanding job every year (or is is a career?).

    Anyway, I voted for Mr. Jobs himself.
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    Wow. Didn't see Mother Nature.

    Now that's pretty sad, actually; actual people please! Is Santa Claus going to win next year? Geez.
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    Oh man.. Apple v. Google.. I don't know what to do!

    I loves me the google, but I also loves me the Apple!

    /*pulls out hair*
    //*votes for....*
    ////yea, apple is awesome and stuff
    /////but you do not compete with google
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    I would vote for Michael Brown if he was nominated. Seriously.

    "For good or ill" indeed...
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    You could argue without apple would you have google? Unless you use windows (or another OS), in which case, you automatically have to vote for Steve.

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    wait.. what?
    This is just.. *WOOSH* I don't understand a word of what just went on!

    /I voted for google
    ///Dude, they should have nominated "katrina"
    ////they could take my pic for that.
    /////is named Katrina
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    "The Google Guys" is not a person, so how can you vote for it? :confused:
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    Uh, I don't understand your recap, so I guess we're even.

    By the way, I looked through past covers...1982 was the computer (Machine of the Year) and 1988 was the endangered planet Earth (Planet of the Year), so I guess Mother Nature would not be unprecedented.
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    2002 were three whistle blowers; 2003 were American troops.

    Two Google Guys wouldn't be any worse than Mother Nature.
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    I tend to have that affect on people.

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    As much as I love Mr. Jobs, I don't think he's changed the world enough this year to get Person of the Year.
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    But from that list?

    I suppose JK Rowling would defiantly have "changed" the world ... every year since 2000 (or whatever) until gods knows when harry potter ends.
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    It's a pretty medicore list, truth be told. That said, I'll be pretty upset if J.K Rowling gets Person of the Year. I don't think the world would look much different without her books.
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    You sound like me, 10 years ago:eek: :p
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    Wow JK Rowling got a lot of votes! There must be a lot of Harry Potter fans online :eek:
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    JK Rowling winning by a large margin, Jobs w/3%.

    Slytherin > Gryffindor
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    Given that... I don't know, Karl Rove or Dick Cheny? This has pretty much been the year of the world going to hell, on many different levels.
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    Hmm...Steve isn't doing so well so far... :(
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    stupid harry potter.

    Meh I voted for the google guys. Come on, their IPO release was better than anything apple did this year. Let's face it, since the original iPod apple hasn't done anything revolutionary. Evolutionary, sure, but nothing ground breaking.
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    still jk rowling hasn't done that much for the world, yea she has made some great books but there is so much more going on in the world, come on harry potter?!? :confused:
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    Looks like we've made *some* impact; Jobs is up to 5%.
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    The Harry Potter fans seems to be out in force.

    Personally, I voted for Mother Nature. She's been very busy this year. I think someone pissed her off.

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