Steve Jobs Reportedly Under the Knife @ Stanford Hospital Today

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by aznkid25, Jan 26, 2009.

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    Ailing Apple CEO Steve Jobs checked into Stanford Hospital over the weekend and was scheduled for surgery this morning, we hear.

    At a party in Silicon Valley last night, a Stanford staffer who had just come from the hospital told friends, including our source, about the "extra special care" being afforded their famous patient.

    The specific procedure Jobs was checked in for wasn't relayed by the chatty Stanford employee. Bloomberg News, citing experts who had observed Jobs's condition after treatment for pancreatic cancer in 2004, reported that he might have liver cancer.

    Jobs is currently on a six-month medical leave from Apple, but he remains the company's CEO. In announcing his leave, the company said Jobs would remain involved in "major strategic decisions." Apple's board of directors has consistently tested disclosure requirements concerning Jobs's health for more than five years. He first learned of his cancer in 2003, but did not disclose it publicly until July 2004, when he announced his decision to undergo surgery. Apple COO Tim Cook is running the company

    Steve Dowling, an Apple spokesman, did not return a phone call for comment. The operator at Stanford Hospital did not have a listing for a patient under Jobs's name, but a spokesman for the hospital said that any patient can request not to be listed under federal privacy laws.

    Jobs did not attend Stanford, but he has long had ties to the institution; he gave a commencement address at the university in 2005 where he openly discussed his brush with mortality.
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    Can't people just leave him alone.

    Our society is sick in the head. Very sad.
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    Not for long!
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    Ha Ha, Thats what I thought to. They do have ways to find out. Stanford and Stanford hospital are very tight about privacy issues.

    I hope all is well for the man. I'm sure more will be revealed later if true. Hopefully from a more official source.

    wasn't one of steve jobs, favorite sayings ''Lose Lips Sink Ships''
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    IJ Reilly

    Arguing against the liver transplant rumor is the lack of likelihood that inoperable cancer was just discovered in his liver, and if so, that a suitable transplant could be located within a matter of days.
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    I'm an old Deadhead.

    When the Dead's bass player Phil Lesh announced he had a liver transplant he said " I was lucky to be able to find a match within 3 days of the diagnosis and had the surgery."

    He was diagnosed with a bad liver and had the transplant 3 days later. Money talks. I can attest to that.
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    I find it hard to believe someone in Jobs position wouldn't be checked for Liver growths often enough to catch anything at a operable stage. I may be wrong but I think anything over operable stage rules out transplant as well (although having a huge amount of money may induce doctors to try).
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    IJ Reilly

    No doubt. But probably in Lesh's case he hadn't been a cancer patient prior to that time (?), so it's more likely that the disease could have advanced to an inoperable stage before it was detected. Steve's medical condition should have been monitored closely since his initial treatment.
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    alot of other ppl are dying and died today.
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    I hope that you are right.

    Best to SJ and his family.
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    I work in healthcare, and if I blabbed about that for a NON-famous patient I'd be fired. A famous one and I would be lynched and the hospital would probably get investigated by the Joint Commission and pull our accreditation, if it was a big enough gaffe.
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    In case anyone doesn't know, reporting a person is even a patient is a violation of HIPPA (patient privacy) laws. If Steve needs a liver I'm sure many people would volunteer to help.
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    IJ Reilly

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    Man I can't win for losing. If I say anything about him having a condition I get a remark. When I post a link disputing it I get a remark.

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    IJ Reilly

    Well I was joking. Hey, maybe you were too!
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    can't think of a good title...

    Well, I hope all is going well. It will be nice to have him back, his keynotes are awesome. After all, if it wasn't for Steve Jobs we wouldn't have a mouse or a GUI! (right?:confused:) :p:apple:
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    Sun Baked

    He was having a boil on his ass lanced (otherwise known as a blogger) ...
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    I hope he turns out fine.
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    Its a shame the media have to intrude into people's lives like this. Especially when they can't confirm their facts.
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    IJ Reilly

    These kinds of comments are somewhat amusing, appearing on a forum dedicated to rumors, of all things. I don't like to hear these rampant and unsubstantiated rumors flying around either, but as always, the antidote for rumors is facts -- a commodity which Apple has been pretty stingy in doling out.
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    Good luck Steve.

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