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Sticky and dirty keys

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by iConor50, Apr 30, 2013.

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    So recently I noticed a small amount of dirt in the area where the backlight from the keyboard comes out and the left arrow key is VERY sticky and will hardly place, I've no insurance etc so what do I do?:(
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    Stop jizzing over your keyboard. :D hehe :p
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    Here is how to clean the keyboard: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3226
    No ****. It can even make you go blind.

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    These boards are really sensitive to liquid so watch out for that. If the key is sticky, get a damp cloth, but not damp that water will leak out of it and into the board. Just dab it a few times and if you have a thin piece of plastic you can scrape away the stickiness. Get a dry cloth and rub it all clean. Spray it with compressed air afterward.

    The best way to avoid this is to clean it once a week to avoid anything plugging it up.
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    or keyboard cover?
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    I don't know whether this works on MBAs but on my old MBP I could take off the keys and just use compressed air to clean everything.

    Or as stated before just fap farther away from your laptop.
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    sorry, i meant sticky as in when pressing it it sticks
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    Take a look at this: http://youtu.be/kh88cn_rtLo and try it. There's no actual risk doing it. Otherwise maybe take it to apple if you still have warranty
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    compressed air? wld it work? cos the sticky key just has like dirt under it:confused:
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    It did for me when I had a MBP. If all you have is dirt underneath then I'm sure compressed air will help. Plus, there's no harm in trying.
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    just a little scared incase i break something as I've no insurance etc on it:(
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    Dont use water!
    I would use isopropyl alcohol that is 99% and some compressed air. Keep your macbook turned off.
    The rubbing alcohol evaporates very quickly, but still allows enough time to dissolve any gunk.

    Most rubbing alcohol is 70% or 80%, try and find one that is 99%.
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    about once every month, i run a black & decker hand vac over the keys. first i turn my mbp off, and sometimes i hold the computer at an angle or hold it upside down while vacuuming. it seems to work well - has dislodged grit that gets under keys that results in partial 'pushdown'. then i run a optical/electronic wipe (etoh) over and around the keys. (yeah, don't use water, as mentioned above - alcohol evaporates better)

    all-in-all, two or three minutes, and done every month, this will keep the keyboard in tip-top condition.
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    I was about to type pretty much exactly this...minus the particulars about alcohol composition.

    I regularly use compressed air on all my studio gear, and then swab with alcohol on a Q-Tip...works wonders for sticky keys.

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