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Still haven't received replacement box

Discussion in 'iPod' started by AndrewR23, Nov 27, 2011.

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    Anyone know why? Apple has no idea why?

    Its been 17 business days since I got accepted for the return.
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    They ran out of boxes. Everyone wants to get them replaced.
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    Same here....the confirmation email states boxes should arrive in 2 days. Guess its time to call Apple? Usually recalls are seamless...
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    Called today... They did run out of boxes. Hahaha.

    Apple - #1 company in the world. More cash than the US. Runs out of boxes :p
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    Thats crazy that they'd run out of boxes so quick, back on topic I haven't received my box either and I applied for a replacement on day one.
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    Same here, it's been 15 days since I've registered mines to be replaced. They are lagging on the boxes.
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    Im in England, been about 2 weeks and a jiffy bag just came through the door with instructions to call ups but it has a royal mail stamp on it. :roll eyes:
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    Exactly 1 month from today I requested a box, 2 phone calls to Apple later...no box...
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    I sent mine in over two weeks ago but they still fail to claim that they have actually received it.
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    Apple gave me the option to take the ipods to UPS and allow them to box it.
    (I called them)
    I did and mine were sent and charged to Apple's UPS account.
    They cancelled the shipping boxes but they still arrived.
    I have had one "Product replacement pending" since Nov. 19th.

    Just FYI.
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    So funny that Apple is making such a big deal about how the Nano is shipped and why they prefer we use their shipping materials. Yet I would bet most of us had used our Nano's during activities like jogging or biking, so I think the Nano can handle being shipped without "special" packing procedures besides some bubble wrap and a shipping envelope.
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    Update on mine : Just checked status that said they have received it and returned it yesterday (17/12/11).
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    I've been stuck at Service Requested (step 1) since Nov 16th.
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    My status has been saying "Empty box shipped" for a while but I've yet to receive anything. I realise there's a shortage and stuff but is anyone experiencing the same thing?

    Finding it difficult getting through to Apple to talk to a human being so not going to waste anymore time or cost in 0844 charges.
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    I initiated the replacement request on November 15th, and just received the replacement packaging a few days ago. It wasn't a box at all; it was a yellow padded envelope with a UPS shipping label and a ziploc-type bag inside.
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    I requested service on November 12, got a box maybe a week later and sent it in a week after that. They received my ipod on December 1. "Product Replacement Pending" ever since then....
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    How long does it take after Apple receives my Nano for the repair status to change to "Diagnosis Pending"?
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    So Apple is actually replacing these with refurbished 1st Gen Nano's? Isn't it more expensive for Apple to refurbish the 1st Gen Nano, instead of just giving us a current Nano?

    An 8GB Nano costs less than the 1st Gen 4GB Nano did. Apple would save money and we would get more storage and better features.
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    Never mind. My status just went to step 3 "Product replacement pending" so all is well.
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    Look on the homepage of this site. You'll clearly see that 6 gen Nano's are being delivered, and there are posts in this very forum about it.
  21. Resist, Dec 20, 2011
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    I talked to a gentleman from Apple on the phone and he said they will either ship out silver or black. So far people are getting silver. He said they likely won't send any other color because black and silver are good for both sexes. He didn't explicitly say that it wouldn't be good for both sexes, but he was definitely implying it.
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    Give it some time, I'm sure it will come soon.
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    I didn't think the 6th Generation Nano came in black.
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    My box took 4 weeks to come. Once the received it back it took the 2 weeks to ship.

    My should be here Mon/Tue

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