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Still no Mossberg review on the S4

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by Mrbobb, Apr 8, 2013.

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    Big M! of the Wall Street Journal. Nada. Silent. Samsung not interested on a push from the the WSJ?

    OK, in the past, Mossberg has shown to like Apple better, but he sounds like straight shooter and doesn't pull punches.

    Samsung, come on, you got it? show it to big M!
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    Lol, I'll be surprised if Mossberg doesn't have a 5S prototype. Pretty sure he knows details about iOS 7 and the 5S but can't and won't say anything until 5S reviews can be posted online. WSJ is pro Apple, IMO.
  3. TG1
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    I'm looking forward to reading a slew of S4 reviews in the next few weeks.
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    Maybe he's waiting for the I9505 to review. Makes sense for a US based business to review the US version of a phone doesn't it?

    Its not like Samsung is with holding their loaners from the wall street journal...lol
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    Oh right, they are releasing overseas first, then U.S. OK, so Yank are not #1 anymore. Sad. :p

    Well Big M was Jobs' buddy. Praised the guy enough. Haven't seen a Mossberg interview with Mr. Kwon yet.
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    Not #1 anymore? When exactly have we (US) been #1 on the Samsung releases? You find it sad that an overseas (from the US) product isn't releases on the other side of the planet first? I find that....normal....

    Not sure what you mean about Mossberg and Jobs being buddies. Do you really think the thousands of tech reviewers are friend with the CEO's of these companies. Better yet do you think that because he isn't personal buddies with the Samsung CEO they aren't "allowing" him to have a loaner? Lol

    That's laughable actually. Samsung will be tripping over themselves to get the wall street journal an S4 with its for business Knox security system.
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    There's probably an embargo for the US variant. Notice how no one has said anything about the US version? They're pulling a Apple-like move. I'm sure everyone has a US-version of the S4 in their hands, but can't release it yet.
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    Finally a lukewarm review

    April 24 Mossberg: S4 Good but not game changing.

    I guess that's the buzzword of the day, "game changing." :rolleyes: Apple REALLY spoils everybody. Everybody wants something revolutionary otherwise it's not good enough. Gimme a %&@%^ break.

    Back to the S4, one would think with a 8-core processor, they oughta make that thing solve the Unified Theory.
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    I thought the review units are the I9505? As far as I know, the Verge and Anandtech both have the I9505.
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    To be frank, after years of Pro-Apple articles, the old man is coasting now.

    Without having to face SJ he's letting his younger counterparts like Pogue & Swisher do the deed.

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