Stolen iPhone 4: Steps to take

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    So I was pickpocketted and unfortunately my iPhone 4 was snatched. I have a passcode on the phone and after noticing it was stolen & calling it, the thief turned it off. Therefore the passcode will be in effect upon turning it back on.

    I have:

    -- Called AT&T to confirm the last call placed on the phone (one I made) in order to somewhat verify no one had gotten into the phone

    -- Changed the passwords I have for the 2 email accounts that synced with my phone.

    What else would you guys recommend doing? Unfortunately I never put Find My iPhone onto my phone or MacBook Pro, but it doesn't appear as if that will do much good as the device was entirely off from when it was stolen til when I finally (about 13 hours later) deactivated the line.

    Is there any way someone would be able to get into the phone without knowing the passcode? Will turning it off somehow require completing clearing the entire device/all data?

    I'm not worried about the lost phone... just protecting sensitive data.

    Thanks everyone.. I really do appreciate any advice/info you can provide!

    -Kevin :apple:
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    More than likely they are not interested in your data at all, unless you are a public figure, secret agent or have a sensitive job

    The more likely scenario is they will just wipe your phone and make a few bucks
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    That is exactly what I'm thinking and hoping, knock on wood. After all, why would someone be most likely to steal a phone - resell and make some $$.
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    Yes they'll just restore it and use it or sell it.
    Your data will be deleted and not accessed if you got a passcode.
    If you had find my iPhone installed you could potentially try to locate it.
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    your best bet right now is to buy another phone and forget about this. He/she did this on purpose and I don't see it will come back to you at all.

    As Applejuiced indicated, he/she just put it in DFU mode and restore it with Itunes, then the thief has an Iphone with official firmware on it without any of your data.
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    MY Iphone 4 was stolen just 3 days ago IMEI 01 233700 169154 4
    Serial # 012337001691544
    It was stolen inside Chase Bank where there happens to be no survailence cameras.
    I reported it stolen with Moreno Valley Police Dept. and AT & T has told me that customer care 611 will if you check with them and they find it is in use under a difffernt customer name handle it along with the police.
    So report it stole for sure and then periodically check with Iphone carriers customer care lines and there is a chance it may work out for you. At least they wont get to use your phone and be held accountable somewhat for using stolen property even if I don't get my phone back. This is a $600 phone there needs to be systems in place for recovery and I think they are getting more involved... at least so far I have had AT & T & police be helpful. I just hope they try to use it soon!!! If not revenge is a dish served best cold. I was steps aways when mine was snatched from the customer deposit/withdrawl paperwork counter. Theives will get theres even if Karma needs to come back their way. :apple:
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    Leet Apple

    Try Calling one more time, i had a friend lose a blackberry and at first it was off but he later called and he got an answer and got his phone back

    Hopefully they try to locate you if not move on they can't access anything
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    This method only works if you drop your phone, forget it from somewhere and hope that someone with good heart pick up. OP got his/her phone stolen from the wallet and I don't believe the phone will be ever come back.
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    also stolen

    My wifes iPhone was stolen out of her purse in the womens bathroom at an outlet mall. We had Find My iPhone installed, but it didn't do any good. The phone was off for days. I sent a message to the phone, so I could find out when it was turned on for the first time. Stolen on the 28th, Message went out today March 8th. ATT customer service didn't care, except to try and sell me another phone. I went to an apple store that told me I needed to call apple care and register the phone stolen, when I made that call, the apple care technician didn't care, and stressed that they have no such mechanism.

    I am surprised and frustrated that we have these network IDs on these machines, and we can't block their use with providers. We own that phone, and we should be able to block its use legally and thoroughly. By not enforcing providers to coordinate a system like this, it actually feeds the industry and black market of steeling these things.

    island.iphone4 - Can you confirm exactly which department you registered those numbers with at ATT?

    Can anyone provide some guidance on the appropriate steps. Its very frustrating that not even apple and ATT can provide clear steps to take in case of theft. Jees, apple doesn't even agree with itself.

    Serial Number: 6Q04837VA4S
    ICCID Number: 89014103243486675736
    IMEI Number: 012537006786575

    With all that information and receipts to prove ownership I should be able to functionally cripple that phone. This wouldn't be very complex technically considering the complexity of the cell phone industry in general.
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    You cannot do nothing about it if you're in the US using a GSM phone.
    Any GSM phone.
    Just give up and move on, no need to waste any more time or energy. I know you're pissed off and rightfully so but its not going to get you anywhere.
    You're not going to get the phone back and its not gonna make a difference if someone else can use it or not.
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    If your iPhone gets lost or stolen, you can initiate "WIPE CLEAN" and it take a matter of seconds wipe it to "0" data on your iPhone. Also, get another iPhone through your Visa, Mastercard or AMEX. There are very few iPhones that have ever been returned or recovered following a theft. Sorry to hear about your iPhones being taken...
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    Common Issue

    I went through the exact same thing with Apple and Att. My iPhone was stolen on the Feb. 19, and I am still quite frustrated. I have flooded Att with phone calls and demanded to speak with higher authorities, and all I could squeeze out of them is that the phone does indeed have a new sim card in it... but apparently that's all they could tell me without breaking the law themselves. I definitely agree with you, as well as MANY other victims of iPhone theft or phone theft in general, there should be some kind of system or list that completely labels the phone itself as a stolen phone for all networks to see. If it is possible in other countries then I am more than sure it is possible here. Customers should feel more protected against mobile phone theft, as they are becoming our life lines these days, and definitely are not cheap... but unfortunately, I honestly don't feel this will change until it is seriously brought general publics attention.
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    The thief is now a paying customer, what do you expect from a greedy cell phone company without any real competition other than the one's it collude with? They rather keep the thief as a paying customer and make you pay full price for an entirely new phone. That way, they have another subscriber and you are out a few hundred dollars, which goes again into their pockets. They have no incentive to do anything because doing nothing actually fattens up their bottom line.
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    that sucks, you would think with the money people pay for such phones and with the maps and masts etc , you would think that the tech is there to pick up the phones signal and allow it to be recovered....i bet this is possible but the Service provider and Police are to lazy to do it, sorry for your loss
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    My wife lost her phone in the Denver airport. When she went to lost and found, it was there. Someone had turned it in. There are some decent people in the world after all. :)

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