Stoneridge Mall, Pleasanton, CA

Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by Jill1228, Jun 14, 2010.

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    Who will be there on Launch Day? :D
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    :D + 1
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    I was planning to (I live near Tracy and that is the closest location), but since I have an acupuncture appointment in Oakland at 9:30 am, I am going to get up hella early, take the Bart into the city and go to the downtown location
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    i will be there!:D +1

    i plan to wake up around 5am and be there around 5:30ish. im from hayward,ca. Where will the entrance be? by Cheesecake factory side??
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    I assume entrance by CF.

    I was going to hit the store this weekend and see if they have a plan for any lines. Does the mall even open at 7 ?

    I've never participated in a launch, will seem awfully uneventful if there's just a handful of people waiting .. hehe :)
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    .....will see u guys :D
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    about 30 of us or so will be there..........prolly around midnight / 1AM........

    I'm assuming the cheesecake factory entrance......
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    I plan on going there around 4 or 5. Hopefullym they have the lines separated for the reserves and for the walk-ins. I'm coming from around Tracy, so it's going to be a pain trying to reach the store with traffic going towards Pleasanton.

    ^^^30 people by midnight!?!?! I just read that and wow lol. This is going to be a great launch .
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    this sounds FUN!! lol! i'll see you guys! i'll bring my ipad just incase i get bored in line.. haha!!

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    Sounds good...I'm still trying to figure out when I should head over to the Apple Store...I just wanna be out of there before 9 . haha.
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    In an attempt to prevent people from freaking out, of the 30 of us, only 4 are getting phones, the rest are there because they've got nothing else to do..........:confused::confused:

    Also, being told by mall security (...haha that just sounds so funny, sorry...) that they won't let anyone line up until around 6:00am ish.......:cool:
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    I'll be there, but I can't get there until about 11am due to work. I went to the store today to see what the plan would be. The guy told me it would probably be just like the iPad release. They are going to have 2 lines, one for reserved and the other for walk-ups. The reserve line should be to the left, as you are looking at the front of the store and will go down towards the door where The Cheesecake Factory is. The other one will extend into the mall. He said there would be employees walking around to make sure people know which line is which. I have one reserved, so I hope the line goes pretty quickly.....I'll be the one with the flask.
  13. sal
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    why would this be a bigger launch than last year? Last year, I arrived at around 3pm. there was like 10 people in front of me and there were a lot of 3GS left when I got mine. Unreserved.

    Hype kind of annoys me.
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    I have a group of 3 that is planning on being there in the morning to try and get unreserved phones.
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    Last year for the 3GS launch was a disaster because of Mall Security.

    I got there around 5am with a couple friends and there were about 7 people in the parking lot and I thought "Where is everyone??" So we get up to the CF door and then security rolls around and tells us we have to go across the street till 6am. So we go across the street and theres a good 30 people over there waiting with no line or anything. It was ridiculous. Plan to be frustrated unless they learned their lesson from last year. Ill be there around 5-6.
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    I've never camped out for an iPhone before but did once for the Wii launch in 2006. I was thinking of going there around midnight since I do not have reservations, though I am certain it will be the entrance next to Cheesecake Factory that the line will go through.
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    60k iPhone 3Gs's reserved last year. 600k iPhone 4's reserved this year. Hmm.... if my math is correct, those 10 people will now become 100.
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    I was at Stoneridge yesterday and talked to some security guys and i was told they wont let anyone near the mall or park there till 5AM...that suck:mad:
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    thats fine for me. i wont be there til 5:30am.. :D
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    What do you guys think of a group twitter account? I thought if people could tweet how its going, it would be interesting to others in line or who about to be. I won't make it there until about 10:30am so it'd be cool so see how its been going for other who've been there already. I set up a group twitter account:


    Not sure if I did it right, so if someone who knows what the eff they're doing (since clearly its not me) can set one up or help me, that be great.
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    Launch meet ups aren't hype?

    This is very meta.
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    +2 for the apple store. Me and a friend are coming, unreserved. Probably gonna get there around 5 or so. You guys all heard the Steve Wozniak is goin to the Valley Faire apple store for launch right?
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    Follow me @khmaijpz I sent a mention to you @stnrgeiphone4 if you haven't seen it already . I'm updating all morning so check it out I'll mention you ere and there for important details . There until the apple store opens ! Hope that helps .

    5 is definitely a good time all that mall security stuff is going to get us ..

    Haha I wish I could see the woz but with 2000 reserves and walkins I'm glad I'm in Pleasanton .
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    I think I set the account wrong......not really a shocker, but I'll add you to my personal one. Looking forward to the updates...

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