Stop returning your iMacs!

Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by Apple2000, Jan 28, 2013.

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    People, stop returning your iMac's just because there is a small screen defect! It is really not that big of a deal, and getting a full replacement several times after you have opened the computer is taking advantage of apple. It is people like you that are responsible for how low their stock has gone!
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    No & No
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    Buddy, I joined before you... stop being rude... maybe give some reasons for your argument rather than just saying "no"
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    Please keep returning them until you get the flawless product you paid for. More perfect refurbs for us :D
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    Sorry :)
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    That means nothing, you must be new here.
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    For close to 3 grand, the product I ordered damn well better be flawless. And I will feel absolutely zero guilt about sending my new iMac back to Apple at the first hint of a problem.

    Apple's stock went down because its earnings didn't meet the irrational expectations of a market that demands constant infinite earnings growth for all eternity, not because Apple has set its products to such a high standard that its customers expect products that are perfect, or close to it.
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    My thoughts exactly.
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    Hey I joined before you, stop discounting what other people say.:rolleyes:
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    Oops.. how childish of me
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    I'm better looking than you, listen to me!
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    Apple pretty much is all about Aesthetics then performance at a really, really , really close 2nd. if Apple is gonna sell people on how beautiful and how powerful their product is , then they better damn well deliver when charging such a premium price .
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    How dare you tell people they should keep defective iMacs that cost in excess of $1500-$3000. Unbelievable.
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    Went through three replacements still having major issues the first one had a really bad ratteling noise the second one had extremely bad image retention and bad bleed edges the third one has also a ratteling fan. Now I payed almost 3k to have these issues!?? NO WAY! RETURN YOUR IMACS TILL YOU GET A GOOD ONE DON'T LET LARGE CORPORATIONS STEAL FROM YOU. You are already paying high prices for these machines. Get your money's worth don't listen to op
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    I don't think you understand how a bunch of stuff in life works...
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    you may have joined before Spink10 but he has contributed nearly 20 times more than you . then again this looks like a Troll Thread .
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    So there is this thing, it's called a return policy. Then it's typically followed up by a warranty that lasts for a year (more in some countries other than the United States). They exist for the sole reason of something being defective to protect the consumer.

    I'm sorry, but if I buy anything at all and it doesn't perform, work, function, whatever, the way it says it's going to then it's getting returned or exchanged. Whether its a $2 or $2,000.
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    3 months difference, LOL
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    I agree.

    For $2000 i better damn get a flawless product.


    Regarding stocks.

    It has nothing to do with returning there products. Apple can just put a new screen on. Reset said iMac. Put in a new box. And they can sell it new again.
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    No, keep returning them iMacs so I can snag a refurbished one. Do it! Now! Preferrably a 27inch iMac 3770 680mx and 1tb Fusion Drive.
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    That was/is funny!
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    Let me get this straight. I pay $2500 for a computer. I pay $2500 for a computer because I know that company puts out a quality product. So, if my iMac gets in in the next week or two, and it has defects, small or not, you want me to suck it up and keep it? Well, I only have this to say. ******* off! Arrogant piece of garbage. You put your hard earned money out for a product, have it come in with defects and keep it if you want, but don't you freaking dare tell me how to conduct my freaking business. I will do what I damn well please with my money, and the products I purchase with my money. The day you buy me a $2500 computer, you can tell me to "just deal with it" if it has defects. Until then, shut your mouth. Piece of garbage.

    EDIT: Oh yeah! And maybe if the people received a proper product, they wouldn't have to return it! Apple, and Apple alone bares the responsibility for the stock being low and customers orders not being shipped in a quick amount of time.

    P.S. To any moderators, or any other person (other than the OP), that my little anger streak might have offended. I apologize... But when someone is so arrogant as to tell me how to spend the money that I worked for, that's when I draw the line.
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    $2300 in hard earned cash... you better believe if I had a defect that **** is going back.
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    First, people have the right to return any product for any reason, as stated in Apple's return policy.
    Second, you obviously don't understand what affects Apple's stock price.
    That is completely irrelevant.
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