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Storage problem with MBA 13"

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by lightning inc., Mar 24, 2013.

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    I have the 13" MBA. Specs:
    (with 10.8.3)

    yesterday I saw I had only ~38GB on my SSD so I decided to erase a few thing.
    I've deleted 25GB from my SSD. (and deleted it from trash as well)
    but after I've done that... nothing has changed with the disks capacity. it is still ~38.

    So I read lots of posts online, downloaded "Clean My Mac" and it didn't help.
    some posts said restart the computer and click Command+r but it takes me to "internet recovery" and it does nothing. it doesn't find my WIFI and if I connect it to my phone it does nothing as well. I can't access disk repair.
    I've downloaded "OnyX" and it also told me to reboot+"command+r".
    I can't format the system because I bought the mac with mountain lion and I don't have repair disk and in the APP Store it says I don't own any copy... (My system is 100% legal but it came that way from apple)

    (BTW - is it normal that my mail (and its contant) weights about 13GB? this is what OmniDiskSweeper says:

    Thank you :)
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    What you are seeing there is Time Machine's local backups taking 27GB of space.

    You can just ignore it and OS X will manage the space. If you need the space for storage, OS X will automatically shrink the Backups space used.

    If it is bothering you, just turn Time Machine off then back on and that space will be zeroed out.
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    Thank you :)

    and what about the two other questions? why can't I access the disk repair with the command+r and only to the internet recovery? (which doesn't work in my case) and is it normal for the mail to take ~12GB?
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    Not sure why disk repair won't work. You should be able to command-r boot and run Disk Utility from there.

    On the Mail issue, it depends on how much mail you have saved, including attachments. Do you have a lot of mail saved?

    Are you using GMail by any chance?
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    (when I am pressing command r I enter the "internet recovery" section.)

    I've got 2 gmail clients.
    Here are my clients capacity:
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    The Internet Recovery screen and the regular recovery screen look and work the same. Only difference is the Internet recovery screen gets downloaded from Apple's servers in case the local version is gone. Are you sure you are not on the regular, local one?

    You can cut the GMail local storage space in half. By default a Mail GMail IMAP setup downloads the All Mail folder and that is a duplicate of every message in the other folders. Go to gmail.com and in the settings under labels there is a area where you can check which folders you want synced with IMAP. UNcheck the All Mail folder.

    Now quit and restart your Mail app and the All Mail folder will be gone saving half the space you are using.
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    Thank you for the email tip. I will definitely try it today.
    I've posted a video of myself trying to reach the disk repair.
    when I enter the internet recovery it doesn't find my personal network and if I connect to my neighbors WIFI it does nothing: (video is in fast motion X4)
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    Thank you! will try it.
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    The only thing I can think of is Internet Recovery requires a WPA or open wifi network. If you are using the older WEP wifi encryption, it won't work. Could that be your issue?
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    I've tried with several WIFI networks but still with no luck.
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    Wow.. I am out of ideas. If you have a working wifi network, you should be able to join it in the Internet recovery screen. Sorry.

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