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Store Credit

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by youradhere4222, Feb 27, 2008.

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    As I've previously posted, my iPod Touch is experiencing charging and touch problems after getting wet, and since the indicator is still white, I was considering sending it in for a new one.

    Since I was considering purchasing a MacBook (most likely this summer), would they perhaps give me store credit for it? Has anyone had this happen before?

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    So you are going to get a new one and then go to the apple store and give that to them for 300/400/500 store credit? If so, I know my apple store would do it, but they are nice people. It just depends. No harm in trying!
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    No, my current one is defective, so instead of just taking it back and exchanging it for a new one what about exchanging it for $400 store credit...
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    I suggest you take your receipt in with your defect and say that you'd rather have 400 dollars towards a macbook, and honestly, they should help you out. It's a hit or miss as I've gathered from hearing other people's experiences, but they usually are pretty nice. The important thing is that you have to show you did indeed purchase it, so they know you didn't just find it and claim it from the street.
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    Dude, they're not gonna give you $400 for a broken iPod many months after the fact. There are also other indicators in there that will show that it was wet.
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    If it was a couple of weeks, I could see them returning it for you..but since it is a few months, is open AND damaged, I doubt it. Why not see if they can exchange it at the genius bar and then sell it?

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