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Strange video problem CD Mini

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by Hrududu, Sep 12, 2010.

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    Its not that easy to explain, so I made a real quick VIDEO to show whats going on with this used Mac Mini I picked up. Anyone seen this before on ANY Mac? If so, were you able to fix it?
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    You mentioned that you replaced the RAM. When you did that, it's possible the audio cable wasn't properly re-seated, or perhaps it got slightly disconnected when you put the case back on. That would explain the audio problem. As to the video...wow, man. That's a first for me. I got nothing.
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    Wow, weird. You said you've tried different monitors. Have you tried different mice, keyboards, and the USB ports they're connected to? How about a wireless mouse? Have you tried changing the monitor resolution? ...all just suggestions to narrow it down.
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    Ya I've tried it on the old Studio Display you see in the video, a 17" Acrylic ADC Studio Display, and a Samsung TV. I've also done as many different resolution/refresh rate combinations as I can, but it doesn't help. Interestingly enough it doesn't give me that curser problem in the ASD testing. I do need to try it with a wireless mouse. I really don't want to believe its a lost cause, but I'm starting to.
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    Any dirt or dust in the DVI connector? Blow it out with canned air or something. What's really odd is that it's only happening in the Finder!
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    both of these are what i thought when i saw the video. after some thought, looks like software to me. any chance you have 10.5 laying around and could load it up, or boot it at least? wondering if there is difference between .5 and .6 due to the newer graphics modules. even just the original 10.4 disks would be a good second option to see if the problem persists.

    if it was a video cable connection, i agree that it would always do it, not just in finder.

    also second the loose connection as above for the audio problem, had the same thing happen to me after an upgrade. opened, reset riser and cables, all good. best of luck.
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    I think I'll try and get it to boot off a 10.4 or 10.5 drive and see if that makes any difference. I did leave it on for a whole day and noticed the problem wasn't nearly as severe the longer its been running. Odd....
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    very odd indeed. failing hardware would be the other way around, get hot/fail/repeat.

    i've been thinking about this one more. total long shot... i've seen a system in the past that had a normal POST/boot sequence, and then would go completely nuts after loading the OS. finally traced it down to a loose/defective hard drive cable. it was making just enough contact to 'almost' work. it would boot 2 out of 10 and eventually go nuts, totally fail the other 8 times. when you have the mini open again, blow out or clean the drive connectors and re-seat just for a warm fuzzy bit of good luck.

    can't wait to see if you can get the symptoms to change. love a good mystery! best of luck.
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    Well I've done just about everything I can think of, and this still persists. I guess I'll just continue to use it as a media computer with my TV, but I just wish it worked properly. I think its got to be something wrong with the logicboard that is so small Apple Service Diagnostic doesn't detect it. Bummer since its still a very capable computer.

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