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Strategy question: when should Apple release the next Air?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ghileman, Jan 10, 2011.

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    In a separate thread http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?p=11688388#post11688388 a few of us have been discussing which processor will be in the next Air, and it sounds like there is a pretty good argument that SandyBridge is the right choice.

    If that's true then the next question is that given that SandyBridge is available now when does it make sense to release the next Air with SandyBridge?

    I'm not convinced that the Samsung 9 Series represents any kind of serious threat to the Air. But it appears to be a solid competitor. Given its strengths I'm wondering if it will (or should) prompt Apple to release their next Air with SandyBridge sooner rather than later?

    From a purely strategic perspective, is six months from the most recent Air release (October 2010) the right move for Apple? Is midyear a better call? Or would it be best to wait a full year and launch Rev E in October 2011?
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    Has absolutely no bearing on when the next Air will be released. Apple will release when it has squeezed all the profits out of the current generation like an orange between the palms of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  3. 2IS
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    They'll release it a week after the last hold out breaks down and buys the current MBA.
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    No idea. If we go to a "guess game" I will say that next updates will be to the MB and MBpro models... and only after that, MBA.... again, in a "guessing game", maybe December 2011.... but who knows....
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    Shasta McNasty

    They JUST were refreshed. Its not going to happen anytime soon. If anything late October/November. You know Apple usually does its refresh once a year. Get it now and enjoy it.

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    I would wait. The new ones are right around the corner. In fact, after that they new ones will be next so wait until these new ones are updated to wait for the next new ones until the new refresh is available. Does that answer your question?
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    Ivy bridge, next year. It will have full DX11 graphics.
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    Intel and Nvidia have signed an agreement - expect good things to come out of it in the next year or two. ;)
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    my 2 cents

    I've noticed an upward trendy in hostility on these forums lately. So the OP wants to enter into a discussion where he and others speculate on the timeline for the next refresh. So what? Why is there a need to be so hostile in your responses? If you don't want to join the discussion then don't.

    The same goes for threads asking for advice on which Mac model to choose. Too many times the OP is greeted with rude posts telling them to "read the other threads" (yes, this is sometimes warranted, but not on every occasion that I've seen it) or posts telling them they've already made up their mind and that they don't need to ask for anyone to justify it for them. These rude and unnecessary comments clutter the forum just as much as unnecessary threads!

    Maybe it's just me, but I'm getting tired of reading the rude, condescending, and oftentimes snarky remarks being posted on this site. Whatever happened to "if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all"?
  10. 2IS
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    I think it is just you, at least in this thread anyway I don't see anyone being rude. Relax, it's just the Internet.
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    Shasta McNasty

    Its because people keep asking the SAME question over and over and over. All that should have been done was use the search function on this forum, or even ask this same exact question in this thread, on the first page of this section. http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1076768
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    So that warrants the sarcastic remarks and condescending tone that posters such as the OP here receive? And again, it's not just this thread.
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    Shasta McNasty

    ^I personally dont think so, but complaining about it isnt going to help. And like someone mentioned, there really isnt anything bad in this post. If you want worse, go take a look at the jungle the iphone section has become and count how many thread titles have the word "Verizon" in them. I stopped going in there because of that for now.
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    Apple OC

    Try not to take it so personal ... forums sometimes work like that ... people say things they would not have the courage to say to people's face. The internet brings out the worst sometimes.

    as for the OP ... most likely a year from now ... it will not be when the MBPs are refreshed. :cool:
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    Im thinking today, at Verizons Iphone Event...!!
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    Maybe during Fall 2011 annual refresh cycle. Not sooner. And quite possibly later.
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    I was thinking the same thing. Apple has more hardware lines to refresh now. Plus, it'll do Apple a bit of good to wait until R&D produce something actually truly worth upgrading for, before they announce a refresh. Technological milestones will happen, but I don't believe they'll happen tomorrow. More time is needed, IMO.
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    great answer, :D
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    Nuthin funny about it! Seriously, I am in the same boat: I like the new 11 and 13 to the extent that I am having trouble choosing between the two, and YET my major hesitation with buying either is the lack of lighted keyboard. I really enjoyed having it on my MBPs (gone), my black MB (gone as well) was a lot less versatile because of the lack of this feature. Recalling just how uncomfortable it was to draft a presentation or even an email having to use the screen to light up the keys makes me think twice about the purchase now. As some other posters suggested in other threads, lights in the keyboard has already been done on an MBA of previous generation, so, there is nothing challenging about that, except for cost (as minuscule as it could be) and battery life for the 11 (as minuscule effect as that may have). I wish Apple would just stop this dance of two steps forward and one step back. But, the sad reality is that I guess its all about the Banjamins, baby. If they can squeeze us they will, darnit.
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    My guess is that a minor refresh with updated processors will come in about 3-6 months.

    Adding the lighted keyboard would be a bonus.
  21. DenisK, Jan 11, 2011
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    Well, you just confined me to my current iMac (12 gig of ram) running a 30 Cinema display (so that all the spread in excel does not escape, cant complain)... and my 12 year old Thinkpad 570E, for portable/kitchen computing needs, still dearly loved, since I put a 7200 HD into it, maxed its ram to almost half a gig, added N pcmcia wifi card, and a USB2 pcmcia card. Its running XP SP3 and while its clearly deficient to even my older iPhone 3GS as it cant even run many of youtube straight, it still functions surprisingly well (within the limits defined as "less powerful or versatile than a 3GS"), as long as I dont go crazy with the web (Firefox in full screen is very clever in Win), and as long as I dont try anything exceeding Word, Excel, SKype and web...
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    I found this on the Wikipedia article for the MBA...


    MBA RevA was early 2008 (Think I got mine in March 2008)

    MBA RevB was late 2008 (Around November I think - Got mine Jan '09)

    MBA RevC was Mid 2009 (June maybe? - Didn't buy)

    MBA RevD (current) was late 2010 - (Got myself the 11!).

    So, to answer your question, next version - RevE - will probably be within 8 to 12 months of RevD release. So, figure July - October 2011 probably. At least that would be my guess.

    Hope that helps!
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    Livin up to your name, eh McNasty?

    What happens if/when you have a question and someone rudely points out to you to search (which doesn't always find the most relevant posts...)


    Not sure about that. It could easily be October 2011. It could just as easily be July 2011. Or January 2012. The point is no-one knows.

    One actually helpful post from HappySlayer:

    Best post of the thread so far. Historical information. The trend is 8-12 months (except for the longer span when Apple had no new chips to choose from), and SSDs were still very pricey.

    Currently, Apple *has* Sandy Bridge chips that may offer a proper trade-off between graphics and speed, and SSDs (as shown in the latest release) are cheap enough to include in a $999 computer.

    I'd agree with HappySlayer. Even though no-one knows, I'd say there's a decent chance (given historical information that we could hopefully see something in the summer (WWDC-ish Time), and if not then, then easily by October.
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    My conjecture is that the state of the economy plays into the decision. There's not much benefit to a short release cycle if people are unwilling to buy goods. Hence, the longest cycle occurred before this revision. This is also what led to the competitive pricing of the MBA, something unheard of for Apple.

    Since there are signs that the worst of the recession is over (unless Spain dies on us), I believe Apple would want to get a new release out on the soon side along with a good price increase. At that point, I can go back to buying laptops that have a usable keyboard.
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    You can't buy every refresh. Its buying into the game. This last update was the first REAL change since the machines came out in 2008 or so. All the others were small this was a big change. Thats when to buy.

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