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Stream media from AEBS with external HDD to ATV?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by daytimeninja, Aug 3, 2009.

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    Okay, so is it possible to stream movies from an iTunes collection located on an external HDD connected to airport extreme directly to ATV? Or is this even possible? I am thinking of purchasing an ATV, and want to make sure that I will have enough space somewhere other than my windows laptop to stream/store media.

    And will any external HDD work with the AEBS for holding my iTunes library? Thanks!
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    No, you must have an intermediary computer running iTunes to stream to the :apple:TV

    Any USB HDD formatted with HFS+ will work with the AEBS.
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    Chris Rogers

    you'll need to install XBMC/Boxee to do this...no need for a computer then. But with it being iTunes content I'm not 100% sure. Would be interested in seeing if someone else has tried this though.
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    So I just thought, couldn't I just plug it into my laptop and stream it then? lol
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    You can store your iTunes library on an external drive attached to the AEBS. To stream this to the ATV, you will need to turn on your computer and open iTunes. You can't stream it with only the ATV, AEBS, and an external HD.

    In fact, this is how I have my library set up. My iTunes library is an a very large external HD attached to my AEBS. I have the drive mapped on my computer, and the ATV streams it from the computer. This is basically the same thing as having the external attached to the computer except that you don't have a USB cable plugged into your laptop.
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    Okay, this is what I was looking for. Thanks alot

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