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stream to atv3 through ipad via NAS

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by UKBeast, Jul 15, 2012.

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    How can i stream m4v and mp4 files stored on my nas drive to through ipad 3 ?

    The fastest and efficient way.
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    Get FileBrowser for your iPad from the App Store, connect to your NAS, AirPlay to ATV3.

    Though I might add that it's a ridiculous loop just to stream from NAS. I would recommend purchasing an ATV2, or trading your ATV3 for one. Easily can jailbreak ATV2 and stream directly without the middle man, i.e. your iPad.
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    that app costs 4.99 dollars, any free alternative ?
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    Nope. Nothing free works.
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    Some NAS Vendors have their own companion apps - Synology for example.
    Some NAS Devices have a built in DLNA/UPnP streaming service that s DLNA player can access. MediaConnect is a free app that will act as a DLNA player. It has in-app upgrades to unlock other functions, but playing works for free.

    None of the options work as well with AppleTV as a computer running iTunes, but you can work around it if you're determined.
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    Boxee works well;

    IIRC the app is free, and you just need to run the media manager on a computer that's on your network. Added advantage is it transcodes on the fly for you so you can play more formats.
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    With all of the computers listed in your signature, can't one of them be an iTunes Server? You can play them via iTunes.
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    Can it watch ISO file on NAS?
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    I doubt it. I'm pretty positive that any application you download from the App Store will only be able to playback media that is already supported by the device. You likely will not find a media player or streaming application from Apple that will allow you to playback a complete rip of a DVD. You'd have to venture out into the jailbreaking scene and see if there are any media players from Cydia that can playback .iso files.

    I know that FileBrowser works fine with .m4v files created via Handbrake, as that is how I occasionally watch a movie on my iPad.
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    both 8Player and AcePlayer apps on the app store will play video content from many different formats even those unsupported by the idevice, however at present they do not support ISO's.

    If you want ISO support you'll need an ATV2 running XBMC and then everything works.

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