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Streamed TV-spot from G5 supercomputer at Virginia Tech.

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 11, 2003.

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    I can't view it; its windows media

    The version of Windows Media player I have won't play the stream; how ironic.

    Can anyone else view the report on a OS X machine? What player are you using?

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    Re: I can't view it; its windows media

    yeah im using WMP also, I can view the stream but I get no sound.
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    VLC. No sound with the following message:

    main: no suitable decoder module for fourcc ` ms'.
    VLC probably does not support this sound or video format.
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    i couldn't view it either, so i'm downloading it... if i can view it then i'll put it up somewhere so everyone else can get it. :)

    edit>> oh well. it won't play in anything... i don't know what other players to try either. guess i'll just have to watch it on my PC.
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    Required viewer

    Need to use Real Player. Check McNN for link. :)
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    here is a more direct link..

    I think this should do it for everyone....

    i watched half of it and shut it off cause it was p***ing me off..

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    thanx walterc, I feel much better now
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    Re: BBC Video Converted to QuickTime Movie.

    Very cool!
    Thanks for the link!

    I want to build a cluster like that!
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    One thing that really really pissed me off: In the whole coverage of the Virginia Tech G5 supercomputer, they only mentioned Apple once.

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    G5 way more effective (cost and performance) then Dell Xeon.

    The VT supercomputer has a potential for 17.6 teraflops using 1100 G5's for $5.2M. Texas A&M is getting a 3.0 teraflops supercomputer using 300 Dell dual 3.06 GHz Xeon for $3.0M.

    Computing Performanace (CPU/teraflops): Apple 1100/17.6 = 62.5 units, Dell 300/3.0 = 100 units. Apple G5 60% more powerful.

    Cost Performance ( $/teraflop): Apple
    $5.2M/17.6 = $295,500/tf. Dell $3.0M/3.0 = $1,000,000/tf. Apple G5 is 300% more cost effective. Why is this not in the news?
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    hehe "Big Mac"
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    Re: G5 way more effective (cost and performance) then Dell Xeon.

    37.5% more powerful?

    Apple = .0160 Tf/cpu
    Dell = .0115 Tf/cpu (based on the 3.45 Tf number)

    nevermind. 28% more powerful? [ (160-115)/160 ]
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    Re: G5 way more effective (cost and performance) then Dell Xeon.

    Quote: by mainstreetmark
    My error used 3.0 from an other article.

    This makes the CPU count per teraflop at
    300/3.45 = 87 not 100.

    However the performance is compared to Dell (the reference) hence % difference is (delta)/ref)
    Using your #'s
    Performance (160-115)/115 =39%. Apple produces 39% more than a Dell (ref) at a cost of 1/3 that of Dell's system.
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    Thank you walterc for the link. All the information is very impressive. What's sad is if the Dell were the winner of the above comparisons it would be all over the news. Why doesn't Apple get the same courtesy?
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    Re: G5 way more effective (cost and performance) then Dell Xeon.

    Virginia tech has publicly stated that their choice has been based on cost/performance criteria. And since they are making a good PR effort, I think people (institutions) who want to buy a supercomputer will find out these details from VT.


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