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Streaming itunes movies to an xbox 360

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by millsy, Jun 1, 2007.

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    Can i stream the movies i purchased from iTunes (that are on my HDD) to my xbox360 through Connect360? Or will the DRM get in the way? When i try to I get an error message saying "unplayable content" status code 69-04-c00d36c4...and they are .m4v's.
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    At least 2 things will get in the way, DRM and the fact that you can only play WMP movies
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    the biggest problem i can see is that no matter you play on it, its still an xbox ! :p
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    they just sent out an update over XBL that allows it to handle H.264 and m-peg part 2 or so connect360 tells me
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    DRM is a problem......but it is FALSE that you can only stream WMP Movies. I am encoding lots of my DVD's into H.264 and am streaming to my :apple: TV and my 360.
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    Anyway to get around the DRM problem from iTunes?

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