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Streaming music to AppleTV?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by superleccy, Apr 4, 2007.

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    Sorry if this has already been answered... I did a forum search but no luck.

    I know I can stream video content to :apple:TV, but can I also stream music & photos? Or do music & photos have to be synced?

    I have 36.5GiB of music in iTunes (and growing). The :apple:TV HDD is (I assume) 37.25GiB, and I suspect that a fair percentage of that is taken up buy the OS and stuff.

    Is my whole iTunes music collection going to be accessible in :apple:TV?

    Thanks in advance
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    Yes you can stream.
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    You can stream Music but not Photos. The funny thing is that Steve Jobs on his keynote at Macworld mentioned that the Apple TV would also stream photos... I wonder what has happened and they disabled the feature
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    From your AppleTV, you have to choose "Sources" from the top menu and "Connect to New iTunes" and connect to your iTunes library on your computer. iTunes must be running on that computer to do this, and must show the AppleTV under devices. Hope that helps.
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    Cool - thanks for your help. :cool:

    I can buy one with confidence now :D

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    A good tip is to make lots of playlists out of your music library with http://www.thefilter.com - this makes listening and navigating on the AppleTV much better :)
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    streaming is taking forever though.........
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    Music streaming is instantaneous with my setup... its the movies that take an age/re-buffering. I'm blaming the fact that they are on an external HDD, but even that excuse isn't washing with me anymore...
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    yea. streaming is fine. I should say transfering it into the AppleTV is taking forever so it can store it on its HDD
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    Does anyone know whether streaming music supports gapless playback of mp3s? And does it play gapless when stored locally too?

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    My videos are not only on an external HDD, but on an AirDrive, and I have never had videos rebuffer.
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    Re: streaming speeds, I'm on a wireless g network (PowerBook G4) and my iTunes library is on a USB drive connected to the PowerBook. I've never had any rebuffering, and movies buffer for 1-3 seconds before they start to play.

    Re: photo streaming, I'm pretty sure this is a feature that was left off because it was not quite polished, and AppleTV was already late. I think we'll see more "significant" features in software updates to it. Photos should display like on iPod, with thumbnails, not limited to the slideshow mode.

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